DIY Backyard Ideas Turning Metal Wire into Beautiful Garden Decorations

metal wire garden decorations, diy handmade


DIY backyard ideas that transform metal wire pieces into hanging baskets and flowerpot stand are simple and fun. Here is a collection of handmade garden decorations in various style. Wire flowerpot stands in modernist style look unusual and impressive. Hanging baskets and flowerpot stands in classic style add charm and elegance to your backyard ideas and beautify your garden design with gorgeous details in vintage style.

Metal wire is an excellent material for making garden decorations. Wire flowerpot stands in modernist style look very original and expressive. They are easy to make also. These creative and contemporary flowerpots stands will add unique accents in Avant-Garde style to your backyard ideas and decorate your garden design with fantastic handmade accents.

To create these flowerpots you need  to make a metal wire frame or use an existing wire frame from items you do not need, tin tape or a few layers of aluminum foil, tools for working with metal and small plants. You can experiment with different flowerpot designs and find the best ideas for your own handmade garden decorations.

Handmade metal wire planters

Metal wire frame for planters in Avant-Garde style

If you like classic metal wire garden decorations, especially elegant hanging baskets and flowerpot stands in vintage style, you can get inspirations from the collection of handmade wire garden decorations in traditional styles and add fabulous accents to your beautiful backyard ideas.

Metal wire pieces are great for many DIY projects and creating various planter holders, hanging baskets and flowerpot stands. Permanent planter holders mounted to the house as well as portable baskets and flowerpot stands can be designed in any shape, from circular, rectangular, square, oblong and triangular to hexagonal or intricate free form.

Handmade planters made with metal wire frames and aluminum foil
How to make these planters

Classic metal wire garden decorations and diy backyard ideas

Metal wire baskets and flowerpot stands are versatile garden decorations, and they suit all backyard ideas in any style, personalizing and bringing charm into your outdoor living spaces. The size of the plants should be proportional to the sizes of the planter in your hanging basket or on your flowerpot stand to create a pleasant and balanced look.

Recycling old gardening tools for garden decorations, creative backyard designs

Creative handmade garden decorations, 20 recycling ideas for backyard designs

Wire baskets and flowerpot stands are very decorative and improve an overall look of garden designs, adding light and attractive designs to backyard ideas. Metal wire provides a natural appearance and brings an aesthetic flavor into backyard ideas.

Metal wire planter holder in classic style

Take advantage of vertical space in your garden design with some surprising placement of metal wire flowerpot holders and hanging baskets. A few layers of plants create stunning displays enhancing your backyard ideas and beautifying garden design.

Recycled crafts turning clutter into creative handmade garden decorations

Recycling old chairs and benches for blooming garden decorations

Wire planter holders, hanging baskets and flowerpot stands are a great solution for large and small garden design. Handmade garden decorations are inexpensive and very original. They give character to your backyard ideas and make a statement, creating intimate and relaxing garden design without sacrificing elegance and style.

Heart planter holders, handmade garden decorations and creative backyard ideas
Recycling wire clothes hangers for handmade garden decorations

  by Ena Russ   

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