Creative Ways to Reuse and Recycle, 22 Ideas to Personalize Modern Interiors

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recycling tableware for lighting fixtures

Recycling tableware for unique lighting fixtures


Turning clutter into treasure for personalizing home interiors is a creative, surprising and inspiring way to reuse and recycle salvaged materials and things. Recycled for crafts, artworks, handmade furniture, accessories and lighting fixtures items add a unique flair to home decorating and transform living spaces. Recycling offers innovative, fresh, and modern ideas to personalize the modern interior design and spicing up home decorating. DIY projects and crafts are perfect ideas for recycling and decorating rooms and yards in eco style. Lushome shares some examples of smart recycling for inexpensive and creative home decorating.

Recycling gives great inspirations for unique works turning clutter into one-of-a-kind items that can attractively accentuate surprisingly beautiful and Green home decorating. Reinterpreting dated home decorations and adding a fresh look to old furnishings, recycling blends innovative trends with modern interior design ideas. Mixing traditional and new materials and creating incredible combinations of textures, Green DIY projects turn useless or broken items into original home furnishings, crafts, and art. Handmade furnishings and art demonstrate contemporary shapes and stylish colors while recycling useless things and transforming them into cool items.

Using old and unconventional for modern interior design and home decorating create exciting and fascinating homes. Giving a new life to old things and recycling salvaged materials break the boundaries of traditional interior design and add unique character to all rooms and outdoor living spaces. Personalizing modern homes and decorating in a creative manner, reuse and recycle ideas show fabulous opportunities to enrich an interior design while protecting our planet.

15 creative reuse and recycle ideas for modern interior decorating

Modern interior design trends in decorating, interconnection and organic design

Ways to reuse and recycle for home decorating

Ideas for recycling paints, letters in modern interior design

Hangers make surprising clothes racks. Small pieces of jeans are a great material for creating eco-friendly, functional, and modern furniture. Lighting fixtures, recycled tableware or old wooden stools provide novel materials for design and offer new ways to reuse and recycle for unique, Green, and modern home decorating.

Recycling is one of the hottest, latest trends, perfect for all who go Green exploring fresh ideas. Saving money on home decorating and adding amazing pieces to home decorating, eco-friendly designs style and personalize modern homes. DIY projects, handmade furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures, crafts and art that recycle old for new provide fabulous inspirations for environmentally conscious people all over the world.

Wall racks made with wooden hangers, creative way to reuse and recycle for home decorating

You can find sources of inspirations anywhere and in anything. Also, traditional materials, – metal, wood, plastic, bricks, and fabrics are fantastic choices for impressive recycled crafts and unique art pieces. DIY projects turning salvaged materials into functional and unusual furniture, decor accessories, and lighting fixtures are fantastic ways to reuse and recycle, personalize interiors and outdoor rooms, and enhance your home decorating style on a dime.

Creative ways to reuse and recycle for designing modern bedroom decor
Exposed bulb table lamp and old alarm clock for bedroom decorating

Inspirations are often unexpected but fascinating. Creative recycling allows building very useful things, creating unique artworks, and giving a distinct, eco-friendly touch to modern home decorating.

Totes, home organizers, and planters

Liz Pulver Design at offers awesome inspirations for DIY projects to reuse and recycle fabrics. The Red Garden Tote can work as a hanging organizer or a bright flower pot. The handmade tote can add a cheerful color and a creative look to the modern interior design and accentuate outdoor living spaces. Playful and functional, it makes a beautiful Green accent.

Colorful totes by Liz Pulver Design

Wallpaper or wall paints recycling creates brilliant ideas for decorating empty walls. You can combine beautiful wallpapers, stencils, wall stickers, and paintings for creating a striking accent wall design. You can mix different stencil patterns for patchwork style decoration. Lace, trellis, damask, geometric patterns, like triangles, polka dots, stripes, diamonds, rings, waves, and zigzags, or their combinations are excellent ideas for creating attractive and modern walls. A basic stencil brush or a small foam roller is perfect for stencil application. You can find great inspirations for accent walls on pages.

Modern wall design, ideas for using stencils and colorful paints

Carved wood crafts, metal home decorations, oriental home decor or art bring fabulous trends for home decorating that offer great ways to reuse and recycle old items you may have in your house. Exotic decorative accessories elegantly personalize and accentuate interior design while Asian fabrics, oriental patterns, and recycled crafts change the entire scenery in a room and make decor stand out of the ordinary.

Ways to reuse and recycle wood furniture for unique and modern lighting fixtures

Creative ways of recycling define the unconventional approaches to modern interior design and home decorating. Originality and uniqueness, surprising effects and functionality blend to create appealing and inspiring accents. The latest trends allow experimenting while recycling to bring novelty into modern interiors and to capture the glimpse of extraordinary recycled crafts and handmade items. The modern design calls for new ideas and novel combinations mixing the latest trends in decorating into a stunning fusion of styles.

Recycling tableware for unique lighting fixtures

Creative recycling produces an impressive visual impact and personalizes modern living spaces. Unconventional approaches to home decorating and original art or craft projects know no boundaries, blending new and old, contemporary and classic, ordinary and unique. Creative ways of recycling reflect the latest trends in decorating and Green design turning home furnishings and accents into spectacular centerpieces. Enhancing decor and highlighting styles, the recycling projects create marvelous artworks, handmade furnishings and beautify unique homes.

Modern interior design ideas and inspirations for recycling, salvaged wood table

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