Contemporary Lighting Fixtures Naturoscopies Inspired by Leafy Treetops

designer lights inspired by tree branches

Designer lights inspired by tree branches


Amazing contemporary lighting fixtures from Naturoscopie II collection are designed by Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance and inspired by leafy treetops and sun rays playing between lush tree branches. The nature is a great source of lighting design inspirations. Designer lights Naturoscopie Lamps are a gorgeous interpretation of the sunlight rays streaming through treetop branches in a nice summer day.

These unique lighting fixtures remind twigs with leaves and make wonderful, functional and attractive home decorations for the ceiling, walls and floor. Tree branch-shaped designer lights are made of carbon fiber, plexiglass and steel. Modular parts hide LED lights, small mirrors and colored plates, arranged so that they create an unusual illumination and a fantastic effect.

Unique lighting fixtures produce bright light that mimics sunlight penetrating through thick treetop canopies. Advanced contemporary technology helped the designer develop these gorgeous unique lighting fixtures that allow to bring a magic atmosphere and a pleasant sense of being in the woods into interior design.

Unique lighting fixtures with LED lights

Designer lights Naturoscopie Lamps, inspired by nature ceiling, floor and wall lights

The designer lights from Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance allow to create a unique effect of the living world and emotionally connect to the nature. These lighting fixtures change their brightness and light design from shiny to soft shimmering and mysterious sparkles, mimicking the sunlight rays coming through lush treetop canopies.

Noah Duchafour-Laurence is one of modern designers who create a new reality by artificial means, enriching contemporary lighting design with real emotions that the beautiful natural world evokes.

Designer lights inspired by tree branches
Unique lighting fixtures for interior decorating

The magic of these contemporary lighting fixtures is unforgettable. Inspired by leafy treetops and sunlight, fairy tale-like lighting design was presented at Design Miami and Paris Design Week 2012.

Unique lighting fixtures inspired by nature

Graceful Leaf Lamps, nature inspired contemporary lighting fixtures

Blooming Table Lamp inspired by flowers, unique lighting design idea

Tree branched with lamps for creative room decorating, inspiring lighting ideas

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