Contemporary Easter Eggs Decoration with Black Marker Designs

black marker butterflies and birds images on white eggs

Beautiful black marker designs on white eggs, birds and butterflies for spring holiday decorating


Creative black marker designs are an artistic challenge that can be lots of fun. Amazing drawings created on white, brown or colored eggs with black markers are contemporary Easter ideas that change the old tradition of dyeing eggs and offer a quick and mess-free technique for decorating them.

Easter eggs are not  just dyed anymore. They can be hand painted, decorated with paper appliques and stickers, spray painted, tied with ribbon, airbrushed, adorned with beads or glitter. Homemade egg dyes can be made from food coloring, vegetables, fruits, juices, spices and wine for eco friendly Easter eggs decoration.

Easter eggs can be painted with a sponged for an attractive mottled look or marbleized. Acrylic paint and watercolor pencils are great ideas for creating unique and colorful Easter eggs for this wonderful spring holiday. Simple or intricate drawings created with colored or black markers are other great Easter ideas for eggs decoration in creative style.

Black marker designs for Easter eggs decoration

Beautiful black marker designs on white eggs, birds and butterflies for spring holiday decorating

The eggs can be previously died another color, used as a background for black marker drawings or various decoration patterns, like rings, stripes, swirls, polka dot and personal letters. Funny egg heads created with few lines made with a black marker are simple and easy Easter ideas.

A little bit of red paint can be added to make cheeks show a blushing effect. Attaching felt or paper hats, wiggly craft eyes, decorating eggs with glitter and creative details just enrich egg drawings made with permanent black markers and add a personal touch to Easter decorating.

Personal Easter eggs decoration with black markers

Black marker designs add a strong contrast to Easter eggs decoration with pastel colors of natural dyes, and make white eggs looks bright and impressive. Black marker drawing allows to explore the graffiti style and personalize Easter eggs decoration with letters, face expressions, names and meaningful messages.

Watercolor painting ideas for artistic Easter eggs decoration

26 creative Easter egg decorations and ideas for spring table decor

Eco friendly Easter eggs decoration with natural colors

Permanent black marker can be used to decorate the Easter eggs before placing them in the dye, and create soft contrasts with swirls, triangles, circles, lines, dots, faces and words. The marker areas on an egg resists the dye, allowing to make interesting creative designs to show through.

Permanent marker drawings

Creative blue and black marker drawings for white Easter eggs decoration

Easter eggs decoration is a great spring fun activity for children and adults, encouraging families to spend quality time together. Check out the collection of amazing black marker designs and get inspired for unique Easter eggs decoration.

  by Ena Russ   

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