Contemporary Design Ideas, Brutalism and Recycling

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designer lighting table lamp

Designer lighting, table lamp in Brutalist style

Studio A Space has presented a new collection Barbican. Named after the famous architectural monument of brutalism, a residential complex in London, the collection reflects the latest trends in recycling and contemporary design. Anna Aristova and Roza Gazaryan created a series of mirrors, lamps, and small tables that offer unique home furnishings for brutalism fans.

Small furniture pieces, mirror frames, and pendant lights look unique and original. These sculpted objects feature the materials available for designers at home during isolation. Boxes, food containers, and plaster are perfect for creating artful things in the brutalist style.

Brutalist style

The term Brutalism originates from raw concrete by a pioneer modern architect and painter, Le Corbusier. Banham gave the French idea of creating unique objects a twist, expressing Brittan’s general horror for greeting raw concrete architecture. Brutalism emerged at a time of urgent need for large-scale, affordable residential architecture when Europe’s major cities were heavily bomb-damaged.

Modern houses, blending brutal lightness of metal and glass

Pink bomb chair, design ideas

Modern kitchen design in industrial style

Contemporary ideas, Green design

Modern home decorating ideas, eco-friendly products, recycling packaging materials

The designers from A Space Studio used cardboard, packaging materials, styrofoam, food containers, scraps of wood and metal. These contemporary design ideas define a philosophical position in which luxury blends with functionality and creative recycling. Feelings and thoughts turn into eco-friendly products. Their surprising look presents unexpected and original ways to reuse and recycle materials.

Adding metallic shine to modern interior design

Wrought iron furniture in Brutalist style

Eclectic interior design ideas for small spaces

Created by hand, unique lights, small tables, and decor accessories celebrate contemporary design, recycling of raw materials, and rugged appearance. The sustainable collection includes impressive home furnishings that add unique textures and shapes to modern design.

Brutalist style pendant light and small table, contemporary design, recycling ideas
Unique furniture, contemporary design
Recycling for eco-friendly products, contemporary furniture
Small table, outdoor furniture in Brutalist style
Unique lighting fixtures
Designer lighting, table lamp in Brutalist style

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