Beautiful Modern Ideas for Kitchen Design in Industrial Style

italian kitchen design in loft style

Industrial style, contemporary kitchen design by Snaidero


Modern kitchen design in industrial style is about simplicity, functionality, and easy maintenance. Lushome presents a new Italian design from Snaidero providing beautiful inspirations and demonstrating contemporary trends in implementing details in an industrial style into kitchen interiors. The Loft Kitchen is for unique, stylish, a bit brutal, and simply comfortable spaces.

Loft kitchen ideas in industrial style reflect the strict efficiency of former factories spaces, bringing reliable and durable materials and convenient solutions into contemporary kitchen interiors. The novel design style mesmerizes homeowners and adds strong personality to modern kitchens. Steal the entire look, buy the kitchen, or use distinct elements in industrial style to bring the loft kitchen feel into your home.

Loft kitchens and the industrial style are hot trends in modern interior design. Enjoy the fabulous look of this fantastic work by designer Michele Marcon, who came up with the exquisite Loft Kitchen design for Snaidero. Get inspired by the harmonious blend of the industrial spirit and contemporary comfort, functionality, and attractive look.

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Loft Kitchen ideas

Industrial style, contemporary kitchen by Snaidero

Urban Loft kitchen mixes modern and traditional, industrially brutal and refined, familiar and innovative. The Italian kitchens bring an incredible richness of natural materials into urban loft interiors, but can look beautiful in traditional and country homes also.

Eco-friendly kitchen design materials and unique finishes give this urban style an aged, but comfortable feel. While the industrial design ideas bring simplicity, the Loft Kitchen makes a fashion statement, defining the trends and mixing originality into modern kitchen interiors.

Wooden kitchen cabinets with metal furniture and accents in industrial style

Loft Kitchen is an excellent alternative to traditional kitchens. It marries the functionality and stylish design ideas, eco-friendly materials and natural colors, original details and bright accents.

Easily personalized loft kitchen design in industrial style

Classic efficiency, practicality, an elegant look, and customization make the Loft Kitchen ideal for all who appreciate the industrial style and contemporary trends in decorating interiors.

Modern kitchen cabinets and appliances in industrial style

Open kitchen shelves, Italian kitchen design in industrial style

Modern kitchen cabinets with handles in industrial style

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