Colorful Quick Click Dumbbells, Small Home Gym Design Ideas

weight lifting set for small home gym design

Quick weight-changing, new design


Colorful dumbbells with easy release and weight change are a great idea for a functional, pleasant, and comfortable home gym design. Unusual shape, comfortable space-saving design, and bright color palette make these dumbbells the right equipment for your dynamic and cheerful home gym design.

Colorful dumbbells with Quick Click weights will help you get the fine-tuned body you want while lifting your spirit and improving your mood. The flexibility of working out in your home and an attractive home gym design with bright and functional equipment make a good combination that adds fun and pleasure to your workouts.

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Colorful Dumbbells, quick weight changing design

Space-saving equipment for small home gym design

Space-saving new design

Designed by Vincent H Bowman, colorful dumbbells feature a Quick-Click design inspired by noticing how many women struggle with the traditional way of changing weights. Quick Click dumbbells will not interrupt the workout, maximizing the training effectiveness and offering an easy transition between different weights.

Colorful dumbbells with quick release weights design

Quick-Click dumbbells design allow using the built-in hand grips to drop and add weight. The entire weight lifting system of barbell and weights is stackable, offering a space-saving design for small home gyms.

Space-saving weights

The Quick Click dumbbells set takes up way less room than conventional weight lifting sets, making this equipment perfect for small home gym designs.

Quick weight-changing, new design
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