Colorful Food Decoration with Edible Flowers and Grasses

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Food decoration with edible flowers and grasses



Edible flowers and herbs are beautiful food decoration ideas. Edible flowers and grasses look gorgeous on plates and add a fresh, creative touch to stylish food design and presentation. There are many edible flowers and grasses that you can find growing wild around your home. Here is the Lushome collection of grasses that you can eat. It does not include other edible grasses cultivated as food crops that most people consume daily.

Inspiring food decoration ideas ignite creativity with meal design. Photographs of edible flowers and grasses help identify these plants. Edible decorations are a way to surprise your family and make kids learn something new while eating. Food decoration with edible flowers and grasses adds fabulous accents to the table setting and makes meals delicious, original, and more colorful.

Edible flower cousin, gorgeous food decoration ideas

Flowering teas, beautiful table decorations

Food decorations and meal presentation, edible flowers

Edible plants

Edible herbs, small plants for cooking

Grasses are associated with weeds and gardening work, but they can work as home accents and edible decorations. Many types of grass look very attractive.

Growing edible flowers, backyard ideas

Cooking and table decoration with edible flowers, tulips

Creative food design ideas, colored pencil cookies

Cooking with edible plants

Cooking with edible herbs
Fresh and dried edible herbs

Home decorating with dried plants

Dry and fresh grasses can serve as original accents for home decorating and table setting.

Dried plants for cooking and home decorating
Wall decorations, dried flowers

Food decoration ideas

Food decoration with edible plants, grasses, and flowers is a creative way to refresh recipes and enrich meals with essential nutrients.

Food decoration with edible flowers and grasses

Edible flowers and grasses

1. Borage grass

Edible plants with blue flowers, borage grass

2. Cucumber flowers

Cucumbers, plants with yellow flowers, great for food decoration

3. Dandelion

Dandelion flowers, edible plants for food decoration

4. Pumpkin flowers

Pumpkin flowers

5. Tansy

Edible grass with yellow flowers, tansy

6. Angelica forest

Angelica forest, edible grass

7. Crabgrass

Crabgrass, edible plants

8. Valerian

Valerian plants with flowers

9. Plantain grass

Plantain grass

10. Peppermint

Peppermint grass, flowering plants

11. Orchard grass

Orchard grass with flowers

12. Bluegrass

Edible plants, blue grass family

13. Nettle

Nettle, edible plants for cooking

14. Lemongrass

Small plants for food decoration, lemon grass

15. Wood Millet

Wood millet, edible decorations for meals

16. Sagebrush

Sagebrush with yellow flowers

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