Colorful Edible Decorations, National Flags Made with Food

edible decorations, national flags made with food



These delicious edible decorations are meaningful and very creative. Perfect for national holidays, all special events, multicultural events and New Years Eve celebration, these flags made with food blend the symbols with fun, and add joy and fresh ideas to any table setting.

Colorful edible decorations are versatile and suitable for adults or kids party table decoration. These beautiful national flags make wonderful table centerpieces or can be created in small sizes and work as individual centerpieces adding amazing details to your table decor.

The flags were designed for the Sydney International Food Festival by the advertising agency Whybintbwa, and give great inspirations for making simple and spectacular edible decorations for parties. The national flags made with food are a a fantastic concept which has a universal appeal.

National flags created with food

Swiss flag created with meat and cheese

Creating the national flags from the food is associated with the country. It is your choice what food to select for your country presentations, the main thing is the color combinations that look meaningful and bright.

Creating flags with food is fun, and a great activity to share quality time with kids and grandparents. Get inspired and unleash your imagination, designing edible decorations that look flags of your favorite countries.

Italian flag created with favorite Italian food

Edible decorations look playful and inviting. Simple and meaningful, colorful and tasty, these flags add amazing table centerpieces to table setting and create friendly and fin atmosphere for any special event celebration.

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Turkish flag designed with ham and ketchup

Brazilian flag made with pineapple and limes



Great Britain



South Korea









  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 13.10.2016