Color Design Trends 2019 in Modern Lighting Fixtures

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Vintage decor style, modern colors, pendant lights with fringes


Design trends in lighting fixtures come refreshed each year challenging lighting ideas of the previous years and offering ample opportunities to accentuate modern home interiors with stylish lamps. Metal and glass, velvet and linen lampshades delight the customers while designers develop surprising, exciting, and beautiful lighting ideas for decorating rooms. Golden, pink, gray color tones and the original combinations of contemporary and retro styles add a unique flair to modern lighting design.

The latest trends 2019 are about new things that reflect the traditions and connect people to the future. Dark interior colors and vintage decor styles blend with romantic pink and red color shades. Wood and decorating fabrics made of natural fibers work well with golden and silver accents. Embroidery, silky textures, and soft, warm colors create a pleasant, rich, and beautiful visual effect. Off-whites offer excellent alternatives for gray color tones.

Top modern design trends 2019 in modern interiors

Current kitchen trends, two-tone kitchen cabinets

Garden design trends 2019

Lighting design trends 2019

Vintage decor style, a modern table lamp by Christine Kilger

Modern lighting fixtures come in many different designs for any taste. The Scandinavian designs and minimalist style are perfect for modern interiors in neutral colors while the color lovers can find bright and cheerful lighting ideas for their interior design in 2019. Rich, warm colors are the latest trends. Pink and beige are the favorite color design ideas bringing lamp shades in dusty pink and vibrant pinks, pale beige and cool grayish beige.

Modern bedroom design 2019 and trends in decorating

Stylish bathroom colors, accents defining design trends 2019

Ethnic motifs and room colors, latest trends in decorating 2019

Yellow color shades and golden decorations are gaining ground. Many various, delicious and warm hues, like ochre, turmeric, saffron, brass, mustard, are excellent choices for lighting design 2019. The lamps in warm color shades work beautifully with velvet textures. Romantic and playful fringing come back from the vintage decor and add a charming vibe to modern lighting fixtures.

Vintage decor style, modern colors, pendant lights with fringes

Neutral colors tones and golden decorations create brightness. Yellow color shades and red colors fill the interior with energy and warmth. Grayish beige and gray color tones, combined with golden details and accents in yellow color shades create the luxurious and luscious combination. Gold and silver accents bring a splash of light to modern interior design and add a stylish vibe to lighting fixtures.

Silver and gold, modern table lamps

The color design trends 2019 and new textures define modern lighting ideas. Black, dark gray and brown color shades, like milk and dark chocolate or coffee offer classy solutions for interior decorating, but bright and warm lighting fixtures are the latest trends in lighting design.

Beautiful ceiling light, Italian design
Glass lamps in modern colors
Vintage lamps with embroidery
Silver, pink colors, modern chandeliers
Pink and red color shades in modern lighting design
Silver accents and natural materials in living room decorating
Natural fibers, lampshades
Velvet lampshade in purplish pink color
Velvet lamp with fringes

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