Blending Modern Kitchens with Living Spaces for Multifunctional Space Saving Interior Design

space saving interior design for modern homes


Modern interior design ideas create open concept living spaces that are a blend of a kitchen, a dining area and a living room. Open spaces look contemporary, bright and attractive, turning even small spaces into multifunctional, comfortable and stylish. Lushome collection presents wonderful ideas for creating space saving interior design.

Creative combinations of a kitchen, a dining area and a living room allow to harmonize living spaces and improve their functionality. A few simple space saving interior design ideas help dramatically transform small spaces and bring more comfort and beauty into modern homes.

Modern kitchen peninsulas and bar tables allow to maximize small spaces and find the best combination of furniture pieces for each small kitchen design. Kitchen peninsulas and bar tables are versatile solutions for any small spaces. Open small kitchens look airier and larger, beautifying living spaces.

35 modern kitchen island designs creating multifunctional kitchen interiors

Space saving kitchen design ideas

Space saving interior design with open kitchen and dining area

Modern kitchen island designs are a wonderful alternative for dividing functional zones in living spaces and creating open, bright and multifunctional interior design. Modern kitchen island designs with storage help create clutter-free, bright and comfortable interior design.

Multifunctional and space saving interior design projects may include some structural changes. A partition wall or removing a wall can beautifully open small kitchen design and create contemporary living spaces with a dining area and a living room.

Open living room design blending with kitchen island and kitchen cabinets

Small kitchen design can look very attractive in open spaces. Cozy and functional, small kitchen design with a dining table create light and friendly atmosphere, improving the functionality of the living room.

33 multifunctional modern kitchens with islands and peninsulas

7 modern kitchen design trends incorporating TVs into kitchen interiors

Slightly different colors and various textures can be used to define the functional zones and add interest to open, multifunctional and space saving interior design.

Open living room design

These simple, but effective and space saving interior design ideas can be used to design modern kitchens and living rooms, blended into harmonious, multifunctional and inviting living spaces.

Multifunctional modern kitchen design

Small kitchen design and open living room, space saving interior design ideas

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 24.10.2016


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