Bent Wood Tables and Logo Chairs Setting Playful Mood for Wood Furniture Design

wooden chairs, wood texture inspired painting ideas for wood furniture decoration

Colorful wooden chairs and inspiring painting ideas for wood furniture decoration


Bent Wood Tables and wooden chairs from the Logo collection are designed by Richard Woods & Sebastian Wrong, who live and work in London. Bright wood furniture design surprises with unusual look and creative use of traditional wood furniture design technology.

Colorful, playful and unique furniture created of wood. Contemporary coffee tables are made with stacks of bent wood circles that show natural wood grain exaggerated by colorful paint layers and feature glass tops that add interest and functionality to these one-of-a-kind contemporary furniture pieces.

Designers from London presented these original, artistic and contemporary furniture, demonstrating new possibilities which wood furniture design technologies offer to innovative minds. The technology, used for bent wood tables is originally from Italy. Designers creatively used the method of preparing wood for bending and turned flexible wooded stripes into extravagant contemporary coffee tables.

Glass coffee table design with bent wood

Contemporary coffee tables with glass tops

These contemporary furniture items can be decorated inside and used for storage also. Functional and colorful, the coffee tables are great for youthful interior design and playful room decorating. Designers created bent wood tables in two different sizes and enriched the contemporary design with four bright color shades.

Wooden chairs from the new collection Logo look like toys, while providing functional and comfortable seats. Amazing, colorful and unique furniture design and wood inspired painting add charm to these simple wooden chairs and showcase original and creative ideas for wood furniture decoration.

Colorful contemporary chairs

Colorful wooden chairs and inspiring painting ideas for wood furniture decoration

Simple lines and bright colors, wood texture inspired painting and simplicity are blended into amazing wood furniture design, turning ordinary and familiar decor items into artworks for exclusive and impressive interior decorating.

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Furniture decoration with paint

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Each of wooden chairs has personality while demonstrating similar painting ideas, perfect for impressive, bold and unusual furniture decoration.

Unique contemporary design and wood furniture decoration with paint

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