Beautiful Napkin Folding Ideas, How to Make Creative Table Decorations

two napkins flower design
Two napkins in green and blue colors, tulip folding design


Table decoration with folded napkins is functional and beautiful. Lushome tips and creative designs give you ideas for making these decorations for your elegant and attractive table decor. The simple tricks of basic napkin folding turn flat table linen into original miniatures and incredible table decorations that look like origami art. Check out these napkin-folding design ideas and add unique accents to your table setting.

Napkin folding is fun. You can add ribbons in contrasting colors and use beautiful crystal glasses or elegant plates to beautify the design. Paying attention to small details can set a spectacular party table and create an unforgettable impression. Setting an attractive table is an excellent way to give guests an aesthetically pleasing experience with handmade artwork inspired by origami. Original napkin folding designs bring unique accents and give party table decoration a touch of sophisticated elegance.

Beautiful table setting ideas, how to fold napkins into creative table decorations

The art of decor with creative napkin folds, Easter ideas

Creative design ideas, the art of table decoration

Napkin folding ideas

Elegant table setting ideas, wave napkin design

Many fabric-folding designs create fabulous table decorations. You can make shirts, ties, crowns, candles, bishop hats, flowers, and little boats with napkins. There is no limit to imagination.

Festive Easter ideas, table decoration with napkins and rings

Mugs in sweaters, modern tableware design, beautiful table decorations

Elegant pebble table decorations and centerpiece ideas

Fan design

The fan design is one of the easy napkin folding techniques. Fold the cloth napkin in half, with the fold at the top. Pleat the napkin like an accordion, folding it over and then under. Vertically flip the napkin over and fold the top down to the bottom. Turn the right bottom corner of the napkin up so that edge lines up with the pleated napkin edge. Pull the overlapping piece underneath it all. Then you can open the napkin gently and stand it up on a dinner plate.

Elegant fan design, napkin folding idea

Glass fold design

The wine glass folding design is perfect for adding vertical table decorations to the setting. Make a diamond shape and fold the bottom point to the top. Fold the bottom left and bottom right points to meet the top end. The napkin design looks like a diamond. Turn the napkin over from left to right. Horizontally fold the napkin in half again. Pinch the bottom of the fold and place the napkin into the glass. Gently tug the right and left ends of the napkin out and down while holding the middle part of the napkin in place.

Basic holder napkin folding design

Silverware holderĀ  designs

A pouch is a pleasing design for holding small branches, green leaves, beautiful flowers, notes, chopsticks, place cards, or silverware. A holder design is one of the simple napkin folding ideas. Fold a fabric napkin in half, then in half again to make a small square with the folded side facing you. Turn down the top layer of material from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Turn the napkin over and fold the right side, then the left, towards the middle. Tuck together the bottom parts. When you turn the napkin back over, you can see a little pocket where you can place various items for table decoration.

Diamond pouch, holder napkin folding idea

Tulip flower design

Two napkins in green and blue colors, tulip folding design
How to fold tulip flower leaves
How to fold a tulip flower

Shirt design

Shirt-shaped napkin

Fancy holder

Elegant holder design

Tie design

Tie napkin folding idea

Popular napkin-folding ideas
Flower bud folding design
Crown napkin folding design
Candle napkin folding design
Napkin and ring idea
Bishop’s hat napkin folding
Two candles made of napkins
Two candles in the wine glass

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