Auto Glass Recycling Idea Turning Car Part into Elegant Serving Tray

glass tray with copper feet

Glass tray with copper feet


Recycling windshield glass for modern tray is a creative and wonderful ideas. A piece of dark glass give a stylish look to this practical and attractive serving tray. Simple and elegant modern tray has no handles, but its small feet add stability to a slightly curved piece of glass.

Glass recycling diy project was spotted at The Flourishing Abode, Their are step by step instructions and pictures, so you enjoy a similar auto glass recycling diy project for your home decorating. If your car windshield or back glass get damaged, there is a great glass recycling project waiting for you.

Some trucks have a divided back glass, that can be replaced as a set, When one part is damaged, you can use another glass for the recycling project.

Glass recycling ideas

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Auto glass recycling into tray

Green design idea for home decorating, glass recycling diy project

Glass that is headed to trash can be transformed into a useful item. You will need for this interesting and simple glass recycling project just few items: auto glass  piece,  four copper feet, a glue gun and a hot pad.

Feet can be made of plumbing parts. You can recycle old copper plumbing pipes or buy pipe end caps at your local hardware store. They are cheap, but give a tray professionally designed look. Wooden or plastic feet would work well also.

Glass tray with copper feet
Elegant diy glass tray

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The glass tray looks very attractive, adding elegant chic to serving experience. It make a gorgeous table decoration. Beach pebbles or tea candles, fruits and vegetables, driftwood pieces or a floral arrangement, combined with this modern glass tray, create charming centerpieces that beautify home decor.

  by Ena Russ   

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