Asian Interior Design Ideas, Korean Style, Inspirations from the Land of Cranes

birds cranes in interior decorating
Bird theme, cranes, wall art


Asian interior design is distinct, functional, and elegant. Modern Korean style benefits from the influences of other cultures. Home interiors show an attractive fusion of styles blending the minimalist and traditional Asian interior decorating ideas. Seoul-based interior designers experiment with universally-appealing contemporary design concepts and Korean aesthetics. Modern Korean interior design celebrates the connection with nature, elegant simplicity, functional comfort, and light creating bright and inviting homes.

Asian interior decorating ideas are one of the favorite trends. Light and airy home interiors follow the minimalist interior design ideas. Large windows, geometric details, tree and bird decor themes, wood furniture and Asian interior decorating ideas create unique spaces in Korean style. Have a look inside these beautiful modern interiors and get inspirations to give an Asian vibe and character to your favorite room.

Green decor from Korean designers

Unique furniture and lighting fixtures

Interior decorating in Asian style, modern trends

Asian interior decorating inspirations

Modern bedroom design in Asian style
Origami designs, cranes wall stickers

Walls and ceiling designs show one color and material. The technique stretches the living spaces visually. White decorating ideas, light gray color tones, pale lemon and green pastels look beautiful with wood furniture and decorating accessories. Fabrics made with natural fibers add comfort to Korean home interiors. Linens, throws, and decorative pillows in soft white and light pastels increase the spacious and comfortable feel.

Wooden bookshelves

Modern sofa and dog house design

Musical wood chairs

Low furniture, storage trunks, and open shelving systems provide plenty of space to store and display favorite books, decorative vases, and Asian accents. Sliding doors, especially glass doors, and folding decorative screens are space-saving ideas that add an Asian vibe to modern interior design.

Contemporary loft design, white decorating ideas
Wood furniture, low coffee table, sofa

Nature-inspired decorating themes are the most popular trends in Asian interior design. The splendid beauty of trees and birds inspire Korean decorators. Cranes, pines, and blooming cherry trees decorate walls, room dividers, glass doors, and fabrics. Green leaves, flowers, and houseplants bring outdoors inside spreading green color evenly through all rooms.

Rock garden designs in Asian style

Asian decorations

Tips for Japanese bathroom design and decorating

Check out the inspiring Asin interior decorating ideas from Korea, and use them to transform your rooms into the light, functional, and comfortable retreats connecting you with nature.

Decorating with Asian plants in contemporary planters
Wood table, black and white tableware
Asian interior decorating, ethnic accents
Modern bedroom design in minimalist style
Low furniture in Asian style
Shelving in Asian style
Geometric patterns, wooden wall panels, decorative screens
Modern interior in light colors

Cranes in interior decorating

Red wallpaper with cranes, beautiful wallpaper in Asian style
Birds decorations, modern interior design in Asian style
Framed wall art, cranes
Origami design, wall decals in Asian style
Pink wallpaper with white birds, cranes
Birds theme, cranes, wall art

Cherry tree flowers

Paper lanterns with cherry flowers
Korean wall art, blooming cherry tree branches
Cherry tree branches with flowers, birds, nature-inspired wall decoration idea


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