Amazing Art of Creating Food Landscapes, Inspiring Edible Decorations

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Celery Island


Spectacular landscapes that are created of food impress and amuse. Artist and photographer Carl Warner enjoys the nature, landscaping and photography, working many years in the advertising industry. Colorful landscapes made with food are creative reflections of wonderful artistic inspirations that food can give.

Food landscapes with trees are inspired by Portobello mushrooms that look like trees from an alien world. Amazing foodscapes are a new and exciting direction in food art that get a lot of attention. Here is a collection of a few artworks created with food.

You can find the complete collection of beautiful landscapes over on Carl Warner official website, These artworks are inspiring giving great ideas for making small edible decorations with food and turning your special event or holiday tables into fabulous displays.

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Sugar glasses marrying colorful edible decorations and creative food design

Colorful landscapes made with food

Yellow oasis, landscape made with cheese, yellow sweet peppers and lemons

Photographs are beautiful, showing each unique landscape, created with edible decorations that exist in the surreal, fantasy-like world on a table.

You can seeĀ  and appreciate the detail and fantastic work that goes into each foodscape. And steel these fabulous ideas that turn food into edible decorations which add more interest to table setting.

Humorous food miniatures from Terry Border make everybody smile

Edible cups for coffee, modern tableware or delicious treats

Bread village

Breadford and Cheesedale, spectacular rocks made with bread

Amazon Kayak, lush green trees created with broccoli and pineapples

Meat Factory

Stilton Cottage

Salmon Sae

Lettuce Seascape

The Great Wall of Pineapple

Cucumber Bridge

Chocolate Express

Cheese Volcano


Celery Island

Candy Cottage

Bread Vase, creative and unusual table centerpiece idea

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  last updated: 13.10.2016


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