6 Interior Trends to Remember for Creating Stylish Room Design and Decor

modern pendant lights
Modern lighting fixtures, twisted clear glass balls


Interior trends change every year, giving inspiring ideas and bringing innovative designs which we can incorporate into our rooms. Following the latest trends in decorating helps to create beautiful and modern interior design. Home decor exhibitions show numerous ideas offering fabulous opportunities to learn current interior trends. Some designs there reflect traditional ideas, others demonstrate contemporary concepts, but all of them are original and inspiring. You can use them to update your room decorating any time using your existing home furnishings.

Here are the last trends in decorating modern interiors which have the potential to stay current for a few years to come. These design and decorating ideas show the interior design which blends the functionality and look, offering timelessly elegant ways to update your rooms. A strict symmetry of room furniture placement adds order to a traditional room design. Breaking the symmetry rule and creating an asymmetric furniture placement or wall decoration add interest to any interior design and refresh room decorating without buying items.

Modern interior trends and styles to simplify life

Current interior design trends to stay

Popular interior trends in room colors

Modern interior trends reinventing classic luxury

Top design trends adding sophistication and optimism to modern interiors

Interior trends to refresh room design and decor

French interior by Sibling Architecture, stylish dining room colors

1. Light wood

Wood furniture, Kaikaya restaurant Masquespacio

Light-colored wood is perfect for spacious and small interior design. Light wood furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures are versatile and will stay stylish for years.

Elk Chair from Gus Pendleton

2. Traditional terra-cotta and bricks

Exposed brick wall, studio apartment design

Terra-cotta colors and brick designs bring the stylish 70s into modern homes. Beautiful deep orange, reddish brown colors create coziness and add comfort to any room.

Spartan Shop, terra-cotta colors

3. Asymmetric designs

Asymmetrical living room furniture placement, fireplace design

Asymmetry is a fabulous tool for bringing interest into modern interiors. Asymmetric designs, wall decorating ideas, and furniture placement give a surprising touch to modern interiors.

Asymmetric wall decoration, black-n-white wall art
Contemporary lighting by Manfredi Style, asymmetric design

4. Golden colors and accents

Golden color shades, half-sphere pendant lights, dining room decorating with ethnic accents

Modern interior trends shine with golden decorations. Golden hues call for simplified designs and work well with elegant, geometric, contemporary items.

Modern living room design, golden decorations

5. Clear glass lighting fixtures and decor accessories

Modern lighting fixtures with twisted clear glass balls

Irregular balls, stretched glass designs, creative clear-glass details are trendy. Glass candle holders and vases are chic decor accessories.

Contemporary candle holders, clear glass boxes with metal frames

6. Ethnic motifs

Elk Chair from Gus Pendleton

African, Moroccan interior decorating ideas, Asian or Middle Eastern designs are excellent for creating unique and comfortable rooms in your house. A few items with African motifs or Eastern designs bring an exotic vibe into your interior decorating. Handmade lighting, furniture and decor accessories make modern rooms look unusual and romantic. Asian interior decorating ideas blended with stylish minimalist style create functional and elegant rooms.

African motifs, modern bedroom design
Ethnic themes in contemporary interior design

  by Ena Russ   

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