6 Holiday Treats Inspiring Interior Design Color Schemes

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bedroom design with brown walls

Brown walls with creamy white details, pink floor rug, bedding, romantic and comfy bedroom colors

Delicious holiday treats provide beautiful inspirations for fresh interior design color schemes that reflect a festive vibe of the winter season. Blending chocolate brown and golden brown colors with pink, blue, turquoise, and green we can create color combinations with our favorite hues and use the color schemes for home decorating. Holiday chip cookie cake with sweet frosting in between, mini gingerbread house, melting snowman, chocolate bark with pumpkin seed or chocolate balls with candies are festive winter holiday treats that offer beautiful color combinations for interior decorating.

Brown and pink bedroom colors create a romantic and comfortable interior design. Creamy white and brown color shades look cozy and festive with pinkish red and leaf green accents. Mini cheesecakes with cherry sauce are so delicious offering golden brown and red color combination, which seems balanced and wintery cool with light blue. Rich dark chocolate and nut brown color shades blend with pink in a living room with bright accents of yellow, blue, and green. Winter holiday colors, like green and red mix attractively with golden cookie colors.

Holiday treats inspired color schemes

Here are delicious Christmas ideas for baking holiday treats. Also, there are gorgeous color schemes for interior decorating inspired by sweet deserts enjoyed during the winter holidays.

Beige and red color scheme inspired by raspberry chocolate meringue

Yellow and brown color schemes inspired by delicious holiday desserts

Blue and neutral color schemes for modern kitchens and bathrooms

1. Melting snowman cookie colors

Melting snowman cookie, brown, cream, orange, turquoise color palette
Living room design, golden brown, dark brown, orange, turquoise color scheme

2. Mini gingerbread house with Christmas decorations

Mini gingerbread house with Christmas trees, brown color with red, green, yellow decorations
Living room design with pink walls and furniture, colorful accents

3. Cookies cake with red and green candies

Holiday dessert, cookies cake with decorations in red and green colors
Living room design with brown walls, creamy white furniture, accents in red and green colors

4. Holiday cakes with cherry sauce

Cherry cake colors, brown, cream, pink color palette
Bedroom colors, pink walls, white furniture with light blue accents

5. Chocolate balls with nuts and colorful candies

Chocolate balls with nut pieces, pink and brown colors
Brown walls with creamy white details, pink floor rug, bedding, romantic and comfy bedroom colors

6. Dark chocolate with pumpkin seeds

Dark chocolate bark with pumpkin seeds, green and brown color combination
Pumpkin seed green colors, creamy white, and brown, living room design color scheme

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