50 Inviting Coffee Stations, Modern Interior Design and Decorating

space saving bar cart
Space saving home bar furniture, cart


Adding a modern coffee station to home interiors is a perfect idea for those who start their morning with a cup of fresh coffee and enjoy another cup of stimulating drink later in the day. The Lushome collection of incredible coffee stations is an excellent source of inspiration. Fifty beautiful and stylish coffee bar designs show modern ideas for creating inviting and well-organized spots for coffee lovers.

A coffee station gives a nice, stylish touch to modern interior design and offers easy access to the beverage. It helps save money on buying coffee and creates a more comfortable home. You can decorate your coffee station as you like. Check out the inspiring ideas. Photographs are an excellent source of design and decorating inspiration.

Home bar design ideas, furniture, decorations

Space-saving bar designs

Breathtaking outdoor bar design and trends in decorating

Coffee station design and decorating ideas

Coffee station with wall shelves and lower cabinet

You need a coffee machine, attractive canisters for storing coffee grounds, blends, and sugar. It would be best to organize spoons and pitchers for milk or cream. Beautiful mugs organized on a shelf or wall hooks work as practical decorations.

Redwood bar design in Spanish Art Nouveau style

Recycling bikes for unique bar furniture

Designer furniture, home bar sets

Original pitches, small baskets, glass jars, and decorative signs can elegantly personalize your coffee station design, adding unique touches. Rustic decor or contemporary ideas create beautiful coffee stations.

Home bar design and decorating

Space-saving ideas

If you have a wall niche or a spacious pantry, you can set up a coffee station by fixing a cabinet or two.  Also, you can use a freestanding cabinet or a space-saving cart. Dry bar designs are perfect for creating functional coffee stations in modern interiors. With a bit of creativity, you can make a DIY coffee station with all essentials and improve the functionality of your interior design.

White-painted wall shelves, space-saving bar design idea

Custom design ideas and space-saving solutions are ideal for decorating small apartments and homes. There is always a way to create a little space for a coffee station that adds a modern vibe to the interior design.

Home bar with cabinets, modern ideas for creating space-saving design

Inspiring home bar designs

Space-saving ideas for home bar design and decorating
Elegant bar design and decorating
Space-saving home bar furniture, cart

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