25 Space Saving Small Kitchens and Color Design Ideas for Small Spaces

space saving layout and furniture design for small kitchens

Exposed brick wall design and white decorating, small kitchen design


Space saving layout, light kitchen colors, efficient lighting and functional, well organized and modern kitchen cabinets create beautiful, bright and airy small kitchens. Kitchen colors are a very important for decorating small spaces. Space saving design ideas and bright lighting design add comfort to small spaces and make small kitchens safer and more appealing.

When selecting kitchen colors it is necessary to take into account the height of the ceiling, the kitchen size and proportions of small kitchens. Clutter free home staging ideas and interior decorating with light neutral color tones or pale pastels allow to bring spaciousness into small kitchens. A window and light curtain fabric just increase the airy and bright effect of light design in small kitchens.

Large and spacious kitchen design can be created with rich vibrant color combinations and contrasting black and white. Small kitchens look better in soft pastels, white, gray color tones, light blue and green colors, pale yellow and peach colors. Light brown colors of natural wood are the ideal choices for small kitchens.

Small kitchens in yellow and green colors accentuated with red or blue

Space saving ideas for small kitchens

Space saving furniture design for small kitchens

A window adds lots of natural light to small kitchen design and decorating, brighten up the color palette and make a kitchen interior look pleasant and inviting. Open shelves above the window and around it are great space saving ideas for small kitchens. Open kitchen shelves provide storage and add unique details to small spaces.

If the window in the kitchen is located on the north side, it is better to use these kitchen shelves for storing some fresh produce and dry food. Small kitchens with a window facing the north need to be warmed up with brighter pastels and light warm color shades.

Modern wallpaper for small kitchens, modern ideas for kitchen design and decorating

Small kitchens with a window facing the south look beautiful and balanced in cool light color tones which bring freshness into interior design. All small kitchens with space saving shelves and well designed, functional and modern cabinets look comfortable and stylish when decorated with light neutral colors.

Space saving furniture design for small kitchens, sliding tables and seats

Space saving kitchen layout and space saving cabinets design create visually spacious kitchen interiors. The selection of energy efficient and bright lighting fixtures is important for small kitchens. A few additional kitchen lights for the working area is the ideal solution for small spaces.

22 space saving storage ideas and organization tips for small kitchens

Modern kitchen furniture, especially kitchen cabinets and dining sets often offer space saving and stylish solutions for small kitchens. The furniture should be functional and match the style of the adjacent spaces. Space saving cabinets equipped with folding parts and movable units are perfect for small kitchens.  All sorts of organizers and well designed storage spaces are especially important for small kitchen design.

White kitchen cabinets and walls, white decorating ideas for small kitchens

Compact kitchen design can be stylish, attractive and comfortable while maximizing small spaces and creating very functional cooking, washing and dining areas. The kitchen cabinets, fridge and sink should be located so as to make you get what you need creating functional and ergonomic kitchen design.

15 compact ideas for small kitchens and dining areas

Space saving kitchen design layout, decorative partition walls, efficient lighting, high quality interior design materials, functional and well designed storage spaces and light kitchen colors create beautiful small kitchens. Bright colors can be used for accentuating kitchen design and decor.

Light kitchen colors, wooden kitchen cabinets and light window curtains

It is better to buy space saving furniture for small kitchens or add built-in shelves and cabinets to maximize the small spaces. Kitchen appliances and furniture can provide a few functions. The multifunctional design ideas are ideal for small spaces.

15 modern kitchen design ideas for small spaces

Open shelves, multifunctional kitchen equipment and space saving furniture, bright lighting ideas and light kitchen colors allow to create a nice, comfortable and modern kitchen design in functional and contemporary small spaces.

Small kitchen design and decorating with red color accents

Kitchen accessories, small decorations and textiles need to be used in moderation in small kitchens. Without them a kitchen interior does not look complete, with too many small items and textile small kitchens look cluttered and appear smaller.

Small kitchens and space saving ideas to create ergonomic and modern kitchen design

Kitchen accessories and decorative items made with fabrics and textiles need to be selected to compliment the chosen kitchen design style. Semi transparent curtains and shades, plain fabrics and small fabric prints are great for small kitchens in classic style. High-tech style kitchen design calls for open windows or blinds adding a stylish industrial feel to small spaces in contemporary style.

Small kitchen design and decorating with open shelves, white and blue colors
Black and white kitchen colors
small kitchen design in white, yellow and blue colors
Small kitchen design in warm white color shades
White kitchen cabinets and space saving layout for small spaces
Small kitchen decorating with open shelves
Small kitchen design and dining area
white and red colors for small kitchens
White decorating ideas and yellowish green kitchen cabinets, small kitchen interior
White kitchen cabinets and light cool wall paint, small kitchen design
Space saving furniture design for small kitchens and dining areas
COntemporary kitchen design for small spaces
Open shelves and white wall paint for small kitchen interior
WHite decorating with gray color tones and red seats, small kitchen with dining area
Small kitchen design and black-n- white decorating ideas
Black and white kitchen design with dining furniture, compact ideas for small spaces
Exposed brick wall design and white decorating, small kitchen design
White kitchen cabinets and black accents
Light neutral colors for small kitchens
Space saving kitchen furniture for small spaces, white and yellow kitchen cabinets

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