22 Space Saving Storage and Oragnization Ideas for Small Kitchens Redesign

kitchen organization ideas and modern kitchen design
Space saving kitchen storage, corner shelves to maximize small kitchens



Small kitchens are challenging and interesting spaces to design and decorate. Small kitchens with attractive and functional storage feel more spacious and very comfortable. Lushome shares some cool space saving ideas for kitchen storage that improve kitchen storage and organization and offer great inspirations for kitchen redesign.

Small kitchens that provide attractive, functional and modern storage spaces help home staging for sale and increase home values. People like to have enough kitchen storage for all necessary things to perform cooking and cleaning tasks in style. Good kitchen storage and organization saves time and effort while add a gorgeous look to small kitchens and large kitchen interiors.

Here are some cool, functional, attractive and modern kitchen storage and organization ideas for small kitchens for beautiful and contemporary kitchen redesign to create multifunctional and convenient storage spaces while personalizing small kitchen design.

Kitchen shelves decorating with food, eco style storage ideas

15 small kitchens design ideas

Space saving storage and organization ideas for small kitchens

Adding small shelves inside kitchen cabinets

1. Extra shelves onĀ  folding kitchen cabinets doors.

2.Smart usage of inside surfaces of cabinet cabinets doors for additional kitchen storage.

3. Writing boards inside kitchen cabinets which free more space on kitchen countertops and shelves while improving organization.

4. Perforated boards for small kitchen storage and creative dish dryer design ideas.

Using inside surfaces of kitchen cabinets

5. Magnet bars for knives, spice storage and small metal jars with small items.

6. Additional wall shelves that create lots of kitchen storage spaces and dramatically improve modern kitchen design.

Modern kitchen storage ideas, spices storage solutions

22 modern kitchen redesign ideas and home staging tips for the sink area

7. Using metal surfaces, fridge sides and doors for magnetic jar storage.

8. Improving under sink storage spaces with shelves and custom designed wooden boxes or drawers beautify small kitchen redesign and create better organization.

Small kitchen storage and organization ideas

9. Additional magnetic shelves on fridge doors.

10. Utilizing wall spaces under the ceiling which maximize storage and organization of small kitchens and add unique accents to kitchen redesign.

Creative kitchen storage ideas, pegboards in bright colors

11. Customizing kitchen cabinets drawers creating convenient storage spaces for a particular kitchen redesign plan which allows to add character and more comfort to modern kitchen design and create unique kitchen interiors that are interesting, functional and contemporary.

Space saving kitchen storage, corner shelves to maximize small kitchens
Magnetic bars for knives, contemporary kitchen storage and organization ideas
Small storage ideas to design comfortable and modern kitchen
Smart under sink storage spaces
Wall shelves under the ceiling
Under the ceiling wall shelves to display collections and create more spacious small kitchens
Customizing kitchen storage spaces and redesign ideas for kitchen cabinets

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