25 Creative Ideas Stretching Modern Interior Design Trends to the Future

contemporary bed design in acube with tv panel
Contemporary bedroom in a cube with bed and TV panel



Creative design ideas change homes and offices, challenging modern interior design, improving its functionality and transforming outdoor rooms into filled with fun places. Something that is extravagant, unusual and too expensive today can become common and affordable tomorrow. Lushome collection of creative or extravagant ideas for modern interior design demonstrates the latest trends which may inspire new design ideas for the future and become very popular.

Modern interior design ideas that reflect the latest trends, followed in economically buoyant countries around the world, show the ways to create unique home interiors and offices with interesting  and novel elements that may become and stay popular in the future. Luxury resorts and hotels, creative offices and contemporary homes show off unusual design ideas and decor that can be employed in home office designs and used in modern home interiors.

The simplicity and originality of modern interior design ideas, impressive and sleek forms, fascinating multifunctionality and surprising shapes, oversized objects and innovative solutions are exciting design trends that give unique character to living spaces. Modern interior design of new hotels which prefer to veer away from traditional hotel interiors provides great inspirations for creating home interiors and office designs with a futuristic vibe or extravagant feel.

Top 6 interior design trends, interconnection and organic design

Modern interior design ideas for the next century

Contemporary bedroom in a cube with bed and TV panel

Modern ideas and contemporary design make use of new and traditional techniques, nature inspired forms, materials and creative recycling that surprisingly bring offices and home interiors to the next century.

Smart ways to reuse and recycle wood, metal, glass and plastic for room furniture and decor accessories, space saving interior design ideas and new technologies transform modern homes stretching them to the future.

Sand floor for home office design, connecting people to the nature

Modern interior design ideas that playful and surprising, oversized architectural elements or lighting fixtures, transformers and multifunctional contemporary design allow to create truly comfortable, customized and stylish homes even in small spaces.

Top 10 interior design trends and stylish room colors

Creative design ideas and playful solutions add unique character to modern interiors and enhance an image of originality and innovative fun.

Creative cat furniture design idea

The eco friendly and natural interior design materials, such as steel, glass, salvaged wood, ceramic tiles, fabrics made with natural fibers and recycled plastic, enhance rooms, reflecting the future popular trends and give the impression of individual freedom and personal joy.

Modern interior design trends and decorating ideas

Modern interior design trends for the future

Modern interior design helps keep homes simple and functional, but comfortable and playful, far from being too empty or sterile. Creative interior design tends blend multifunctional concepts with unique items that reflect owners personalities, hobbies and lifestyles.

Modern tables for space saving interior design, transformer furniture design trends

Designers add a few impressive decoration patterns, bright colors, unique contemporary designs here and there to spice up modern interiors while keeping them airy and spacious. While modern interior design color schemes are often monochromatic and neutral, splashes of other bright colors, aquariums and unusual pieces of modern furniture, eye catching lighting fixtures and strong contrasts can be used to jazz up decor.

25 modern interior design ideas showing top tile design trends

Creative and unusual, surprising and oversized objects in a room, influenced by modern interior design tends, kept to a minimum, create huge impacts and connect modern interiors to the next century interiors.  Exciting textures, contrasting colors, unusual shapes and additional functions improve modern design ideas and add a futuristic touch to interiors.

Contemporary bed mattress for ultimate comfort

Comfort and fun, emphasized by comfortable and pleasant, nature inspired and organic design blending traditions into contemporary design and beautifying rooms with unique artworks create amazing, luxurious and modern interior design that has the potential stay stylish, interesting and comfortable in the future.

Bunk beds with storage, space saving furniture design trends
Fun furniture design trends, desk with hanging hammock chairs
Stained glass octopus ceiling light, unique lighting design trends
Staircase design with book shelves and kids slide
Nature inspired unique lighting design ideas
Smart systems for vertical garden design in modern interiors
Infrared sauna in contemporary style
Unique fridge design
Creative book shelves
Space saving door design ideas, bookcases and shelves
Space saving door design with shelves
Modern tables adding fun to interior design
Decorative wall shelves
Recycling for modern furniture design
Vintage games adding fun to modern interior design
Recycling car parts for modern furniture, billiard table
Nautical themed decor, aquarium bed design
Individual relaxation unit, modern interior design trends

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