22 Living Room Furniture Placement Ideas for Ergonomic Home Design

ergonomic interior design and comfortable dining furniture and living room furniture placement


Living room furniture placement is an essential element of creating beautiful and comfortable home design. Modern living room design gets more multifunctional and needs to be ergonomic. Open living spaces create beautiful rooms with functional zones for dining and entertaining, watching the TV and enjoying time with a family and friends. Lushome collection of ideas for living room furniture placement gives inspirations for designing pleasant and inviting spaces.

Modern furniture placement reflects the latest trends in decorating and changes in lifestyle. Comfort and appeal blend with ergonomic home design ideas in modern living rooms and create well-planned, attractive and functional home interiors to spend time with kids, family members and friends or relax alone in style.

Space saving ideas help beautify even large living rooms. A large sofa, instead of a set of chairs and sofas, adds a contemporary look to modern living room design and offers a flexibility of living room furniture placement. Comfortable environment and ability to change living room design are important for modern people.

Living room furniture, placement ideas creating functional modern home interiors

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Modern living room furniture, placement ideas

Dining furniture and living room furniture placement for ergonomic and modern home design

Modern furniture placement ideas reflect personal tastes, busy lifestyle, and habits of each family member, arranging pieces and decor accessories for creating ultimate comfort for everyone. Furniture placement brings ergonomics into modern home design.

Free spaces between living room furniture items allow smooth traffic around them and create attractive furniture placement for a spacious look and a comfortable feel.

Comfortable living room design with glass wall

Tips for ergonomic living room furniture placement

20 furniture placement ideas, 100 modern living room designs

1. Continuity

Open living spaces need to create continuity in home design. Living room furniture, dining furniture, and kitchen design should have a flowing layout, practical and convenient. Similar colors, accents or decoration patterns create continuity and harmonize open concept homes.

Black and white living room design and ergonomic furniture placement

2. Free spaces

Ergonomic furniture placement allows large, open spaces and comfortable distances between home furnishings. Moving between a large sofa and smaller pieces of living room furniture should be easy. You should be able to walk around each item of living room furniture. If you can not create the functional furniture placement plan, it is better to get rid of some furniture pieces.

Six home staging tips for living room furniture placement and decorating

The distance between your set of dining furniture and your seating area should be 3 – 5 ft or 1 – 1,5 m. The distance from the door and your seating area or dining furniture set should be 5 – 6 ft or 1,5 – 2 m. The large distance makes people feel comfortable and relaxed while creating ergonomic, attractive and modern home interiors.

Modern living room furniture placement for spacious home design

3. Compact, space saving furniture design

Compact furniture design and space saving ideas help create functional and comfortable rooms. Transformer furniture design is one of latest trends in decorating which improves the functionality and entire look of small spaces.

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4. Ergonomic living room furniture placement

Today living room furniture is placed around a fireplace or TV. People can skip a coffee table, changing it for a large ottoman and adding another seat to living room design. Large screens require 2 – 3 m or 6 – 9 ft distances from the sofa or chair. The best position for the TV screen is on the wall adjacent and perpendicular to room windows. The corresponding living room furniture placement creates functional seating areas for visual comfort and healthier home design.

Living room design with fireplace and large windows

5. Compact living room furniture arrangement

Space saving ideas and space-efficient furniture placement call for fewer pieces of home furnishings. Contemporary minimalist style and clutter free home interiors feel airy and light. Instead of a set of traditional living room furniture items, designers use a large sofa with ottomans or smaller chairs. A coffee table on wheels and light living room furniture items improve the functionality of living room design and create more comfortable, flexible, and modern spaces.

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6. Multifunctional living spaces and versatile items

Multi-purpose living rooms, versatile items that can be used in other interiors for different tasks and activities, and comfortable furniture placement allow creating stylish, attractive, and comfortable home design. Room design ideas that blend traditional and contemporary, versatile and unique furniture items, are latest trends in decorating. Versatile furniture and design solutions make modern home interiors and sophisticated while creating enough free floor space in all rooms.

Compact living room furniture and placement ideas
Small living room, furniture placement idea
Contemporary living room furniture placement

Black and white living room design and ergonomic furniture placement

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