22 Chocolate Ideas for Valentines Day Gifts and Table Decorations

romantic hearts decorations and treats, chocolate gifts
How chocolate, romantic treats for Valentines Day, two mugs with hot drink on wooden railing


Chocolate ideas for Valentines Day are not just delicious and inexpensive, but sensual and elegant. Chocolate hearts make sweet gifts and delightful, edible decorations for a romantic table setting. Chocolate treats are perfect surprises for all ages and genders. As a healthy alternative to sugar, dark chocolate hearts offer stylish ideas for Valentines Day.

Lushome presents a collection of inspiring hearts which encourages to think of chocolate ideas for Valentines Day. These gifts mean many things to people. The heart-shaped gifts improve mood and set a pleasant atmosphere. Chocolate hearts make eye-catching, edible decorations for a dining table, bring romance, warmth, and fabulous aroma into homes.

The Aztecs used chocolate as a form of currency. Spanish Monks believed chocolate drinks promoted good health. The French viewed chocolate as a sign of wealth and good taste. Italians loved chocolate and experimented with delicious combinations of chocolate and nuts. For the Swiss, chocolate is a national symbol and pride. It seems the whole world like the chocolate flavor, so baking chocolate cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and buying chocolate hearts for Valentines Day are fun ideas that are perfect for many people.

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Chocolate hearts decorations and edible gifts for Valentines Day

How chocolate, romantic Valentines Day ideas, two mugs with hot drink on wooden railing

Chocolate hearts are symbolic gifts and edible decorations that blend deep meaning and sentimental value. Chocolate hearts are delicious, sweet, and beautiful. Nobody knows when and who invented chocolate as sweet treats, but everyone loves chocolate hearts today. Get inspired by these warm and sweet treats, bake or buy chocolate desserts to delight your Valentines.

Cacao beans which grew wild in Mexico a few centuries ago provided the raw ingredient for making delicious chocolate. Local Indians used cacao to make a spicy drink flavored with chili and pepper, called warm drink. Today people enjoy all sorts of chocolate, white and dark chocolate treats, spicy or with unique fillings. The best of all are dark chocolate hearts, as decorations for romantic holiday tables and Valentines Day gifts.

Chocolate cookies decorated with a ribbon bow in white and red colors, table decorations and gift ideas

A long time ago the Spanish changed the original drink adding sugar, vanilla and replacing chili. Food design ideas evolved dramatically since then, and today we enjoy spectacular, unique, sweet and warm drinks and bake delicious chocolate desserts that are perfect for winter holidays.

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Food stylists, chocolate artists, and bakers continue experimenting with chocolate and you can find unique combinations of ingredients and extraordinary designs turning chocolate hearts into fun decorations and secretly expected Valentines Day gifts.

Hearts decorations, edible decorations, and gifts for Valentines

Modern chocolate hearts that deliciously melt in the mouth can impress with attractive presentation and creative packaging also. Chocolate hearts are super rich, creamy, and delicious, but bright and unusual decoration makes the gifts look extraordinary and unique. A production rate of new chocolate sweets is hundreds of tons a year. People never get enough chocolate, and heart-shaped candies, cookies, and cakes make desired and beautiful Valentines Day gifts.

Dark and white chocolate, hearts for Valentines
Chocolate in red heart shaped box and red roses, Valentines Day gifts and table decorations
Heart shaped chocolate cookies with LOVE note, Valentines Day ideas
Strawberries in chocolate, Valentines Day treats

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