Rooster Year Decorating to Harmonize Your Life

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White kitchens furniture with red accents


Interior decorating in 2017, the year of the Fire Rooster, calls for flexibility, dynamic beauty of bright colors, natural materials, creative designs, and light textures. The colors and textures of the Fire element and ideas inspired by the sign will help create harmonious, comfortable, and attractive rooms and Feng Shui homes for attracting good luck in 2017. Lushome shares inspirations for interior decorating and wishes its readers wealth and happiness.

Rooster years come after Monkey years. 1933, 1945, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029, 2041, 2053 are the Rooster years. The Fire Rooster brings luck and joy to hardworking, responsible, and trustworthy people with a strong sense of timekeeping and appreciating multi-functionality and flexibility. Good organization, practical designs, time-saving ideas for office and home decorating, good Feng Shui colors get together to create functional, comfortable, and modern interior design in 2017.

Rooster pillow, red flowers, a wooden birdhouse, colorful decorating ideas

Lucky numbers for accessories and lighting fixtures are 5, 6, 7, and 8. Consider them when decorating with books, candles, pillows, shelves, baskets, crafts, flowers, and house plants. Good Feng Shui colors for 2017 are warm yellow, brown, golden shades, oranges, deep yellow, reddish pink shades, burgundy, purplish and brownish red hues. Fresh flowers or images of blooming gladioli, cockscomb plants, seeds, chickens, roosters, handmade hay and wood crafts are good Feng Shui ideas for interior decorating in 2017.

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Creative wall decor and modern lighting

Staying Rooster-active in 2017 requires creating beautiful and inviting homes for rest and rejuvenation. Cozy seating areas, welcoming bedrooms, warm kitchens and eye-catching focal points in the rooms make interior decorating perfect for the Rooster Year. Natural materials, especially wood and linen, beautiful details in bright shades and bright hues add beauty to the rooms showing off lightness of neutral colors. These combinations stylishly Feng Shui home decor, add unique character to modern interior design and turn ordinary rooms into balanced and appealing living spaces.

Gladioli in yellow and orange colors, window treatment idea to Feng Shui for wealth


Multifunctionality and comfort are the winning trends in decorating modern interiors in 2017. Roosters are happy to be surrounded by others and enjoy the attention. Smart, practical and functional decorating and warm color combinations make guests and family members comfortable in your home, bring positive energy and help Feng Shui your house or apartment. Warmth and comfort, functionality and charming simplicity create a pleasant environment for family gatherings and parties while spreading happiness and attracting good luck to your home.

White kitchens furniture and red accents


A rooster is a sensitive and moody bird which quickly changes from sleepy to excited. Modern interior design in 2017 calls for flexibility, quick transformations, and surprises that celebrate new, bold, and easy to accomplish ideas.

Red Rooster accent

Warm colors and textures

Colorful combinations of bright hues and neutral colors, various textures, and original details give a dynamic feel to home decorating while providing modern, exciting and welcoming living spaces. Warm colors, mixed with small details in deep blue or dark purple bring luck to all who work hard, appreciate others and ready to act. Experimenting with silky textures and feather-like fabrics create bold and beautiful interior decorating, ideal for those who are not afraid to show their personalities and talents.

Gladioli, floral centerpiece ideas for living room decorating


Practical solutions and flexibility of interior design, combined with warm colors and light textures will make homes look fabulous, inviting, and modern in 2017. Flexible decorating and simple, but bright details allow quick transformations in your living spaces while making your life easy and enjoyable. Bright hues, warmth, and functionality of your designs add more appeal and comfort to your rooms, bring positive changes in 2017 and Feng Shui for wealth and happiness.

Warm room colors, beautiful flowers

Phoenix (or Rooster) is a spiritual symbol emphasizing the high potential for personal evolution and home improvement. Stay open for changes and strive to follow the recent trends in decorating to Feng Shui your home interiors and office in 2017. Be brave and seek creative, surprising, and comfortable ways to beautify your work and living spaces. Believe yourself, make people around you more comfortable, add warm colors and golden decorations to your living spaces, use symbolic details to add freshness to your interior design and attract good luck in 2017.

Elegant floral centerpieces
Colorful birds figurines

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