20 Green Ideas for Recycling Metal Barrels and Improving Functionality of Yard Landscaping

green design ideas to reuse and recycle metal barrels

BBQ ideas to reuse and recycle metal barrels


Recycling metal barrels can be an amazing adventure. There are many creative ways and Green design ideas for recycling metal barrels and turning them into useful items, garden decorations and outdoor furniture. Lushome shares just a few ways for recycling metal barrels.

Recycling metal barrels for containers that collect rain water is one of simple Green ideas that help save energy and water. Watering your lawn and garden with rain water is cheap and smart. It is one of the best ways to help guard against wasting water and recycling metal barrels.

Surprisingly attractive, creative and Green ideas for recycling metal barrels impress with their innovative and artistic vibe. You can collect rain water for gardening in a large metal barrel or reuse and recycle metal barrels for garbage cans. You can build coolers and create unique lighting fixtures, improving functionality and adding character to your yard landscaping.

Recycling metal barrels for outdoor furniture and lighting fixtures

Turning salvaged wood into art decor

35 creative backyard designs adding interest to yard landscaping ideas

Green ideas for Recycling metal barrels

Collecting rain water containers to reuse and recycle metal barrels

Recycling metal barrels for outdoor showers, BBQ, garden decorations, metal sculptures and containers for growing edible herbs, vegetables, decorative plants or flowers are inexpensive and Green ideas that help personalize your yard landscaping.

A storage cabinet, a smokehouse or dog house designs are amazing Green ideas for recycling metal barrels into useful items. Outdoor furniture, coffee tables and chairs, garden benches and lighting fixtures offer fabulous ways to reuse and recycle metal barrels also.

Small dog house design recycling metal barrel and salvaged wood

Containers for compost or garden carts, freestanding bathtubs and sinks, wood stoves and fire pits created with metal barrels in various sizes are wonderful Green ideas for recycling metal barrels and decorating your outdoor living spaces.

Compost containers recycling metal barrels
Outdoor shower designs with containers recycling metal barrels
BBQ ideas to reuse and recycle metal barrels
Smokehouses recycling metal barrels

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