20 Beautiful DIY Interior Decorating Ideas Using Stencils and Paint for Modern Wall Design

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staircase wall decoration with stenciling


Stencils and stylish paint colors are one of modern interior trends in decorating walls, ceiling and furniture. Painting ideas, creative stenciling designs and wallpaper or fabric appliques and their combinations offer fresh and innovative DIY interior decorating projects that create striking accent walls, dramatically transforming home interiors.

Stencils are a nice way to add personality to wall design and brighten up painted walls. Fresh and unusual, unique and creative stenciling designs are modern ideas that add character to modern interiors. Here is a collection of beautiful wall design ideas that require some patience and time, but look gorgeous and professionally done.

Stencils are tools for interior decorating that you can use creatively, experimenting with new design ideas and innovative color combinations or decoration patterns, creating attractive and stylish, unique and very intimate wall design.

Stenciling and painting ideas for modern wall design

Large flower stenciling and painting idea for fireplace wall decorating, pleasant and modern wall design idea

Stenciling designs can symmetrical and asymmetrical, colorful and created in monochromatic colors, bright and soft, energetic and calming. You can place stencils in a certain sequence or randomly, giving your wall design a personal touch and creating unique furniture pieces or ceiling designs.

Stencils are ideal for a quick room makeover. Stenciling looks great in kids rooms and living rooms, foyers and bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. Playful and romantic stenciling designs add charming accents to modern home interiors turning a living space into a welcoming and cozy home.

Beautiful stenciling and painting ideas for dining room decorating, modern wall design in neutral color palette

Stenciling images and patterns on walls and furniture, 21 charming room decorating ideas

10 modern interior trends in decorating with stencils

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