20 Amazing Recycling Ideas for DIY Home Decorating Projects

how to reuse and recycle for modern interior design and decorating

Pets beds recycling old wooden chairs


Recycling ideas and DIY projects are inspiring and modern interior design trends that add home decorating unique look and surprising vibe. Lushome collection of amazing recycling ideas shows how to reuse and recycle anything and everything for decorating in eco style.

Old wooden chairs, vintage suitcases, wooden doors, gardening tools, tableware, even musical instruments and shoes provide great materials for recycled crafts and DIY interior design projects.

Wooden chairs can make beautiful wall shelves and storage racks. Pets beds, magazine organizers and hangers can be made of old wooden chairs also. Tableware, porcelain cups, saucers and tea pots are great for designing unique lighting fixtures, bird feeders or curtain holders.

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Creative recycling ideas for home decorating

Pets beds recycling old wooden chairs

All useless or broken things that clutter your home can be recycled for crafts, small and large home decorations, unique gifts and handmade home furnishings.

It seems we do not need to throw away almost anything. Recycling is a great way to save money on interior decorating and add character to modern homes.

DIY magazine racks recycling old wooden chairs

Hangers recycling wooden chairs

Creative wall shelves to reuse and recycle old wooden chairs

Clothes racks designed with chairs

Wall racks to recycle wooden chairs

Garden decorations recycling wooden chairs

Modern chairs recycling suitcases

Wall shelves that reuse and recycle suitcases in vintage style

Modern wall shelves made with suitcases

Bedroom decorating with wall shelves recycling suitcases

Hanging lamps designed with cups

Table lamps recycling teapots

Guitar wall shelves

Recycling wooden doors for wall decorations

Recycling wooden doors for freestanding shelving

Ways to reuse and recycle wooden doors for interior decorating

Way to reuse and recycle shoes for hanging planters

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 18.10.2016


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