Modern Tile Designs and Decoration Patterns to Enhance Home Interiors and Create Unique Rooms

layout patterns for wall and floor tiles

Modern tile designs are an excellent way to personalize home interiors and add beauty to living spaces. Decoration patterns, home fabrics and small decorative accessories bring interest into modern interior design and create truly amazing, cozy and attractive rooms. Lushome shares wonderful ideas for modern tile designs that help add style and flair to home interiors.

Modern tiles are an amazing interior design materials which are versatile and spectacular. There are so many creative ways to use modern tile designs enhancing home interiors, improving their functionality and adding character to floor and wall decoration. Modern tile designs look spectacular, especially in contrasting color combinations and creative works.

Here are the most popular and beautiful decoration patterns which can be created with modern tiles to enrich and personalize interior design. Brick, weave, vertical and horizontal stripes and diagonal decoration patterns, checkers, waves, trellis, chevron and diamonds, herringbone, Greek key and honeycomb hex offer fabulous decoration patterns that can be altered and customized with tile colors, sizes and materials.

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Modern tile designs

Checker pattern, black and white floor tiles

Popular tile designs reflect the latest in decorating with modern tiles and offer great opportunities to blend practical, easy to maintain and clean materials into beautiful floor and wall decoration. Simple lines, geometric decoration patterns, ethnic motifs and classic ornaments are trends in decorating that help create unique and modern interior design.

Checkers are versatile and powerful.  Modern tiles in two contrasting colors can create amazing effects, balance room proportions and create cozier or more spacious interior design. Diagonal decoration patterns look fabulous also. Diagonal lines bring elegance into modern interior design and add an interesting detail to floor and wall decoration while stretching living spaces visually.

Colorful penny tile design

Simple decoration patterns can be brighten up with contemporary tile designs in complimenting or monochromatic hues. Simple decoration patterns look elegant in neutral colors, especially in white and light gray color tones. Adding a touch of red, yellow, green or blue colors creates stunning contrasts and bring lots of energy into interior design with modern tiles.

Modern interior trends, geometric decoration patterns

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Classic checkers or beautiful multicolored Madras tile designs in various sizes are wonderful choices for traditional and ethnic interior decorating or creating gorgeous contemporary and eclectic interiors. Honeycomb hex tile designs are oe of popular trends in decorating which is interesting and versatile, suitable for any interior and design style.

Kitchen backsplash design with while wall tiles

Geometric decoration patterns, created with lines and simple geometric shapes bring stylish flair into modern interior design and emphasize elegant and unique modern tile designs. Waved and zigzagged decoration patterns are very impressive. These modern tile designs can add lots of interest, different textures and colors to contemporary interiors and personalize living spaces in many other styles. Waved and zigzagged tile designs make wonderful details that are eye-catching and unusual.

Bathroom decorating with square floor tiles in contrasting colors

Black and white floor and wall tiles for bathroom design

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  last updated: 02.10.2015