33 Modern Cat and Dog Beds, Creative Pet Furniture Design Ideas

unique cat furniture with shelf

Modern cat and dog beds provide wonderful places for pets and add unique details to your pet-friendly room design. Lushome collection of amazing pet design ideas give great inspirations for diy projects creating modern cat and dog beds or selecting and buying a cozy pet bed for your cat or dog.

Comfortable pet furniture design adds coziness and warmth to your room and provide a cozy place for your pet. Here is a collection of exciting, elegant and creative pet furniture design ideas that might inspire you to add original and exclusive cat or dog beds to your room design.

Modern cat and dog beds blend amazing design ideas and new eco-friendly materials with recycling and repurposing old cabinets, suitcases, poufs, shelves, adding soft cushions and creating functional and appealing pet furniture that beautify pet-friendly homes.

Creative modern pet beds

wooden cat furniture

Wooden cat furniture with large cushion, luxurious pet design idea

Your pet is of course a member of the family, but it becomes a daunting task when you know sofa after sofa will be destroyed. So you find a pet furniture store that offer beautiful, high-quality and eco friendly cat and dog beds, great on space and maybe not too expensive.

Check out other design ideas or keep reading and find more inspiring pictures below.

Useful tips for selecting materials for pet beds

Making or buying pet furniture with zippers allow you wash the fabric easily and keep cat and dog beds clean and fresh. Investing in a scratching posts for your cats prevents your pets from scratching cat beds and your furniture.

red dog sofa

Dog sofa in red color, luxurious pet furniture design idea

White and light neutral color fabrics are not the best choices for pet beds. Denim fabrics are a good option, does not show tears or scratches and pet hair does not cling to this healthy and attractive material.

Weightless pet house from Moisue combines versatile milk box design with recycling cardboard

Modern cat houses, small pet furniture design ideas

Scotch Guarding your pet furniture is a good option for protecting your cat and dog beds and making it easier to clean. Consider buying or making few slip covers for your cat and dog beds to keep your room feel fresh and pleasant.

hanging cat bed

Hanging cat bed, creative modern cat furniture design idea

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