25 Modern Ideas to Use Stained Glass Designs for Home Decorating

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interior design with colored glass compositions

Stained glass designs are one of trends in decorating which connect generations and look timelessly elegant. Modern stained glass designs can be surprising and creative, while blending vintage style chic into home decorating and bringing contemporary vibe into homes. Lushome shares a collection of modern ideas for decorating with stained glass designs.

Stained glass windows are associated with majestic temples, impressive buildings endearing with splendor and chic. Colored glass designs are spectacular and elegant, unique and fascinating. Modern ideas and latest trends in decorating with stained glass designs allow any home to be adorned with unique details, bringing the luxury before available only for wealthy aristocrats and nobles into modern homes.

Stained glass designs can be used for decorating small apartments and spacious country home interiors, contemporary dwellings and oriental living spaces. Stained glass windows, doors and decorative wall panels are versatile and gorgeous, bringing magic of play of light and color into modern interior design.

Unique stained glass ceiling designs and salvaged wood creating stunning modern interiors in eclectic style

Modern ideas for interior decorating with bright colors of stained glass paintings

Stained glass designs for modern interior decorating

Stained glass door decoration, entryway ideas

Modern designers are happy to use stained glass designs and bright color compositions. Stained glass windows , doors and wall panels decorate closets and hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and staircase designs today.

Also stained glass compositions adorn modern ceiling designs and add gorgeous colors to decorative room dividers and partition walls. Combining pieces of glass of different colors can dramatically change the space perception, harmonize home decorating and add elegance to any interior design style.

Stained glass ceiling designs, modern interior decorating ideas

Stained glass designs, traditionally associated with churches and cathedrals enjoyed the evolution turning into impressive home decorations, suitable for any room. The bright colors of stained glass designs, illuminated by natural sunlight, bring glow to lofty heights, windows and doors, and create a very powerful visual effect which enriches modern interior design and decorating.

Colorful stained glass car design

Stained glass designs to style impressive modern interiors

Stained glass designs in various styles are a wonderful medium bringing art into decor. Traditional and classical window and door designs or contemporary stained glass artworks, all colored glass decorations look amazing, giving character to modern interiors and accentuating their sophisticated and elegant look.

Bedroom decorating with colored glass wall panels

Bathroom decorating with stained glass artwork


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  last updated: 15.10.2016


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