22 Exposed Brick Wall Designs Giving Great Look to Modern Interiors


modern interiors with exposed brick wall designs and painted brick walls

Brick walls, used outdoors, are one of modern interior design trends. Exposed brick walls in vintage style, modern brick wall designs and white painted brick walls give a unique, great look to home interiors and work spaces. Lushome collection of modern interiors featuring brick wall designs shows how you can use bricks inside of your home for creating beautiful accent walls or painting vintage bricks white color.

Exposed brick wall designs are very popular interior design ideas, which are versatile and suitable for many home interior styles, ranging from classic and country homes to retro, modern and contemporary. Brick wall designs are dramatic. It is one of the reasons why people like to incorporate interior brick wall designs in their interiors. Brick wall designs effectively change the look of rooms, adding unique and spectacular appearance to accent walls.

Exposed brick wall designs add naturally warm hues to room colors and create a cozy atmosphere in rooms accentuated with brick walls. Bricks are eco friendly interior design material, sturdy and safe to use indoors. Painted brick walls enhance modern interiors by adding simple decoration patterns and texture. Large wall mirrors and impressive artworks give chic feel to modern interior design with brick walls.

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25 interior brick design ideas for modern kitchens

Brick wall designs

Modern living room with exposed brick wall design in vintage style

Modern interior brick wall designs are wonderful for any room, suitable for both genders and all ages. Brick walls look wonderful with vintage and modern walls and offer fabulous ideas for accentuating modern interiors.

Interior brick wall painting ideas, especially white paint colors, allow to give unique look to modern interiors while keeping rooms light and elegantly simple. Painting ideas for brick walls add a contemporary vibe to modern interior design and decorating.

Accent wall designs with bricks, modern living room

Brick wall designs are flexible interior design ideas. Brick walls can be tiles, painted various colorsĀ  and decorated with artworks later. Modern tiles can beautifully cover a part of a brick wall or give a totally different look to entire brick wall designs.

33 modern interior design ideas emphasizing exposed brick wall designs

Amazing painting ideas for brick walls creating optical illusions

Hanging pictures, contemporary lighting fixtures or wall art on brick walls is easy with concrete screws and lead anchors. Brick wall designs provide nice background for displaying artworks, creating spectacular combinations of textures, colors and decoration patterns with modern wall decor, wall mirrors and eye-catching artworks.

White paint colors for brick walls, bright painting ideas for interior brick wall designs, dining room decorating

Accent wall design with bricks

Modern interior with painted brick walls

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  last updated: 17.10.2016


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