15 Creative Reuse and Recycle Ideas for Interior Decorating

kitchen cabinet handles made of spoon and folk

Creative reuse and recycle ideas turn ordinary objects into interesting and functional room decor. Do It Yourself enthusiasts find clever ways to reuse and recycle old, broken or useless items into new, functional and original home decorations, save money and create truly personal, eco-friendly and attractive decor.

Lushome shares an inspiring collection of creative recycling ideas, encouraging you to look for opportunities to reuse and recycle clutter in your home, and design stylish and unique home decorations or useful functional items. Creativity is part of Do It Yourself enthusiasts and designers’ nature. Their impressive works give great inspirations to all who are new to DIY projects and recycling, demonstrating that the possibilities are endless.

Take a look at the Lushome collection and investigate your environment, imagining what can be transformed and upcycled into unique home decorations and functional furniture or decor accessories for your home interiors and outdoor rooms.

Reuse and recycle ideas for creative interior decorating

DIY home decorating projects and inspirations

Recycling ideas for home decorating

recycling cup for curtain holder

Recycling old cups for original curtain holders, clever reuse and recycle ideas for interior decorating

Think outside the box, anything has a potential to be recycled and upcycled. Follow your instincts and add more beauty and comfort to your interior decorating with handmade home decorations.

Check out the related themes or stay on topic and keep reading to find more creative solutions, inspiring design ideas and useful tips.

Look at ordinary, lacking any interest objects from a variety of angles, you never know when interior decorating  ideas are going to hatch. Flea market finds, old, broken and unused items around the house and in your garden are an excellent material that provides an endless source of DIY home decorations.

recycling suitcase for night table

Recycling old suitcases for room furniture, night table for bedroom decorating

Creative reuse and recycle ideas are opportunities to put your personal style, like a stamp, on your designs. It’s all about you and your interior decorating ideas and preferences. Mix your favorite colors and use the everyday objects you do not want to throw away, giving them a fresh look and new life.

20 creative ideas for interior decorating with wine bottle corks

12 fabulous design ideas recycling leather belts for interior decorating

Clever reuse and recycle ideas save money by turning old objects and home clutter into interesting and unique handmade home decorations, functional furniture and decor accessories. Do it yourself projects and crafts celebrate your style and bring your personality to life.

handmade candle holder

Handmade candle holder, creative reuse and recycle ideas for unique interior decorating in vintage style

wall shelves made of boxes handmade storage hooks tree with letters, handmade wall decoration wall organizer made with cloth pins hanging flower vases made with wire and cloth pins fabric hearts decorations with love letters kitchen cabinet handles made of spoon and folk storage ideas recycling old kitchen utencils curtain holder made with leather belt wooden wall shelves made with rope wall organizer with painted picture frames wall hook made of brush

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