Unique Living Room Design and Decor Ideas Adding Character to Modern Living Spaces

how to make modern living rooms unique
Beautiful and unique lighting fixtures for modern living room design and decorating


Modern living rooms can be not just functional and attractive, but unique and fascinating. Adding creative decorative accessories, unique lighting fixtures or architectural elements to modern living spaces creates beautiful and original living room designs. Lushome shares ideas from experts and offers a collection of photographs which provide terrific inspirations for transforming modern living rooms into unique and stylish living spaces.

A living room is one of the most important areas of a house. Living rooms are places where large families with kids get together, entertain guests and relax. Modern living room design and decor need to create a comfortable feel and offer beautiful space which is multifunctional and inviting. Original and modern living room design gives a glimpse of who you are as an individual, communicates your lifestyle, sets the mood for enjoying your home and time spent with kids and friends.

A living room works as a family room often, proving a favorite place where all family can enjoy beautiful moments together. It is essential to take time and make your living room design not just cozy, but modern, bright, and unique. Elegant and original accents, unusual architectural features and stylish interior design ideas give character to living rooms and turn the entire homes into terrific, different and attractive living spaces.

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Modern living room design and decor ideas to conjure cozy ambiance

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Unique living room design and decor ideas

Modern living room design and decorating, musical instruments, unique decorative accessories

1. Unique theme for wall decoration.

There are so many options to choose from when you look for adding personality to your home interiors. Original details, contemporary ideas, modern lighting fixtures, and furniture offer beautiful ways to transform your living spaces. You can start by bringing a modern wallpaper, creating original floor decoration or adding a panoramic glass wall design to your living room. A few decorative touches, a bright accent color or original artworks can give character to your living room design and personalize interior decorating.

Experts suggest millions modern design and decor ideas to bring as much individuality as you can in your living room. Check out fabulous inspirations below looking for the best solutions for your home. Versatile, functional and flexible room design ideas are the best for transformations. They allow changing living room decor depending on a theme or mood you desire.

2. Unique fireplace design.

Modern living room with unique contemporary fireplace design

3. Original lighting fixtures.

Beautiful and unique lighting fixtures for modern living room design and decorating

4. Textured accent walls.

Unique accent wall design for modern living rooms

5. Vibrant color accents.

Bright color accents for modern living room decorating

6. Unique furniture.

Unique furniture and handmade pieces for modern living rooms

7. Creative space dividers.

Unique decorative accessories, room dividers

8. Rustic wood.

Unique wall decorations emphasizing the natural theme

9. Modern patterns and textures.

House plants for living room decorating

10. A touch of industrial style.

Contemporary and industrial-style accents for modern living room design

11. Modern wall decor.

Unique decorative wall panels

12. Modern wallpaper.

Beautiful wallpapers

13. Exposed ceiling beams.

Exposed reclaimed wood elements for unique living room design

14. Reclaimed wood and vintage bricks.

Vintage fireplace

15. Glass wall.

Large window designs in contemporary style

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