Two Tricks to Make Heart Shaped Edible Decorations, Easy Valentines Day Food

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valentines day ideas to make heart shaped edible decorations with boiled eggs

Valentines Day ideas, heart shaped eggs on green leaves


Food decoration is an amazing art. Creative food design ideas and edible decorations change traditions, create new eating experiences while making simple meals and sweets more appealing and delicious. Heart-shaped edible decorations are sentimental and warm. Hearts decorations add a welcoming look to table decoration and create unforgettable memories. Two clever tricks that Lushome shares are good to know for making hearts with food at home.

Heart-shaped cupcakes, muffins, boiled eggs or scallops look surprising and pretty, offering beautiful Valentine’s Day ideas for a lunch and a romantic dinner. Edible decorations made with eggs, cheese, bread, fresh vegetables, and fruits are healthy and fun alternatives to candies. Healthy sweets made with natural fruit juices, low sugar cakes, cookies and cupcakes shaped like hearts make fabulous Valentines Day gifts and romantic edible decorations for holiday tables.

Heart shaped food, and sweet treats look very delicious, creative and appetizing. Whether it is the heart shape of the food, the sprinkles on the top in red, pink or purple colors, or just the creative presentation, heart shaped food, meals, and desserts look warm and beautiful asking for more. Heart-shaped decorations do not just taste better but bring more love, joy, and romance into homes.

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Heart shaped eggs

Valentine’s Day ideas, heart-shaped eggs on green leaves

There are so many food decoration ideas developed by professional chefs and food stylists who make meals and desserts look exclusive and taste better. Modern food design, presentation, and decoration are the fascinating art requiring unique talents and a sense of style. Even inexpensive and quick but creative design ideas can turn regular meals into culinary masterpieces that look like artworks and transform cheap ingredients for traditional desserts into very unusual table centerpieces and edible gifts.

It is easy to change the shape of warm boiled eggs and create surprising hearts decorations for your Valentines Day table. The gorgeous combination of white and yellow colors improves the bright designs giving a warm, sunny accent to the eggs in green leaves.

How to make hearts decorations

Eggs hearts make beautiful edible decorations for warm and romantic events, including anniversaries and Valentines Day. Using additional ingredients and colorful toppings you can create spectacular snacks and meaningful food decoration. To reshape an egg you need a rubber a stick and a clean piece of plastic. This easy technique helps make hearts decorations of all soft foods, – eggs, marshmallows, and cheese also.

Original food decoration ideas and attractive presentation techniques are paramount today. Food served with surprising edible decorations and presented in a unique way look more appetizing, exciting, and exclusive. Unusual food design ideas and beautiful food decoration play magic tricks with people and make meals, drinks, and sweet treats appear more tempting and impressive.

Heart shaped cupcakes

Heart cakes, Valentines Day ideas for desserts

For your Valentines Day desserts, why not use a muffin tin for baking heart-shaped cakes. They make excellent desserts and beautiful gifts also.

Unleash your imagination, use these simple ideas for Valentines Day food decoration, and delight kids and adults. Everyone enjoy heart-shaped designs that are delicious.

Simple trick to baking heart-shaped cupcakes

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