Surprising Yet Modern Interior Design Trends, Decorating Ideas to Impress

colorful modern furniture

Bright living room design, elegantly mismatched furniture


The modern interior design calls for novelty and creativity. Unique and surprising solutions bring fresh and contemporary ideas into homes and transform living spaces into stylish, stunning, and contemporary. Architectural interiors and designer projects provide fantastic inspirations and demonstrate the latest interior trends that we can use to jazz up our homes.

A concrete curtain and a room divider, floating in the air mirrors, colorful ceiling designs, and black walls are just a few examples of innovative and unusual modern interior design solutions. Here is the Lushome collection of the most impressive solutions and room decorating ideas that offer functional yet surprising designs.

Interior design trends reinventing classic luxury and versatile functionality

Bright coziness and frugal ideas, modern interior design trends

Wall design trends personalizing living spaces

Fresh interior design ideas

Painted different colors interior doors, matching room color schemes

Check it out and see how bold colors, rustic wood textures, creative painting ideas, colorful window panels, and designer lights can transform rooms into striking, modern interiors. Even small decorative accessories, like cushions, planters, or wall clocks, can bring originality and novelty into home interiors and turn them into impressive, modern living spaces.

Contemporary lighting design trends revolutionizing interior decorating

Top modern tile designs

Modern interiors, the importance of inspirations for improving a lifestyle

Brightly painted ceiling designs, unique lighting fixtures, and kitchen appliances are just a few more modern interior design ideas. Faux curtains are unusual ways to use wood in interior decorating, mismatching upholstery fabrics, bold wall designs, and contemporary tiles to personalize and jazz up interior design.

Concrete curtain, bedroom design idea

Interior doors painted various colors, elaborate color schemes, and black hues are unusual yet stylish ideas to personalize and style room decorating. Surprising materials give a contemporary touch to modern swellings. Artworks and creative wall decorations complete the modern interior design trends that make rooms look unique and contemporary.

Yellow window panel, colorful accents, contemporary furniture
Floating in the air mirror, bedroom decorating idea
Faux curtain design, bathroom decorating idea
Black wall paint color
Red accent wall design
Painted red chairs, modern colorful accents
Patchwork furniture
Pink paint color for modern ceiling designs
Painted kitchen appliances
Contemporary kitchen island, golden surfaces
Bright living room design, elegantly mismatched furniture
Interior design with neon lights
Original ideas to use wood in modern rooms
Modern wall decoration ideas

Contemporary decorative accessories

Wall clock, contemporary design

Contemporary decorative vases
Contemporary planters

Colorful furniture

Colorful living room furniture and decor accessories
Patchwork designs, modular furniture

Contemporary lighting designs

Pendant lights, contemporary lighting fixtures

Colorful ceiling designs

Pink paint color for the ceiling, bedroom design

Wood in modern interiors

Firewood in modern interior decorating

Modern wall art and wall design ideas

Creative wall art, modern ideas for interior decorating
Original wall design, modern interior trends

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