Super Green Design Ideas to Recycle Old Windows, 55 DIY Home Decorating Projects

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DIY wall mirror pink flowers
Recycling old wood windows for modern wall mirrors



Creative ways to recycle old windows offer fantastic home decorating projects and backyard ideas. There is a way to recycle anything for improving and decorating backyards and home interiors. Take a look at the Lushome collection of unique, beautiful Green designs that demonstrate how to recycle old wood windows for DIY home accents, cabinets, yard decorations. Here are fabulous design ideas to check out.

The more you think about recycling, the more you find solutions for used, broken, old items. Old windows are perfect materials for adding interest and personality to your rooms and yard landscaping, blending creative home decorating ideas with eco-friendly designs.

Recycling old windows in modern interior design

Salvaged wood and glass recycling in greenhouse design

Recycling old wood windows for outdoor home decorating

How to reuse and recycle old wood windows

DIY coffee table, glass top design recycling an old window

Old windows are great for making a mini-greenhouse for your garden and yard decorations for walls and fences. Old windows are perfect for building garden furniture, kitchen islands, storage furniture, tables, photography displays, and wall mirrors. You can use them to frame your designs and add beautiful details to an open shelf decoration.

20 Green ideas to recycle old windows for wall decorations

20 design ideas for recycling wood windows and doors

Recycling aircraft windows for unique lighting fixtures

Old windows quickly turn into spectacular home decorations also. DIY rustic furniture and wall decorations made with windows look fantastic in country homes and cottages. Art displays and wall mirrors make beautiful wall decorations in dining rooms, children’s bedrooms, and kitchens.

DIY wall decorations, white-painted wood, recycling old wood architectural elements

You can customize your shelves and wood cabinets with old windows frames, bringing stylish Green design and creative recycling ideas into your modern home interiors.

DIY wood rack, wall decoration
Unique kitchen island design, white-painted wood windows
Beautiful screen recycling an old window, DIY yard decorations
DIY garden fence painted white, recycling ideas for old wood windows
Unique kitchen rack recycling an old window frame
Fence design, recycling wood windows
DIY hanging table, recycling old windows for yard decorations
Greenhouse design, recycling wood windows
DIY yard decorations with string lights, old window frame, planter with beautiful flowers
DIY wall mirror, fireplace decorating ideas
Recycling old wood windows for modern wall mirrors

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