Stunning Mirrored Ceiling Design, Trends in Decorating with Mirrors

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Entryway design, mirrored tiles and wood ceiling


Modern mirrors, mirrored furniture, decor accessories, walls, ceiling designs are just a few design trends which create stunning visual effects of spaciousness. If you need inspiration for your renovation project or thinking about adding a mirror to your ceiling here is the Lushome collection of spectacular interior design ideas. Ceiling mirrors add drama to modern interior design, create optical illusions, and highlight beautiful architectural elements. Ceiling mirrors make small rooms look spacious and turn large rooms into breath-taking spaces.

You can find many modest and elegant ideas for decorating with mirrors. Using mirrored surfaces in moderation allow adding a stylish design while keeping rooms look bright and comfortable. Check out the gallery of ideas and find the best ways to install mirrors on your ceiling. Mirrors above your head make stylish designs look bold, glamorous, and original.

Black and white dining room, large windows, mirrored ceiling tiles, chandelier

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Modern wallpaper for decorating ceilings

Natural rope ceiling

Mysterious and stylish black ceilings in modern interiors

Creative ceiling design ideas

Glowing ceiling designs, contemporary led lighting ideas

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Mirrored ceilings

Ceiling mirrors add a fresh touch to the large surfaces and open up spaces. The mirrored ceilings reflect light and make small rooms feel bigger and brighter. Mirrored ceilings fill the interiors with a contemporary vibe and bring unique, artistic details into the modern interior design. Surrounded by mirrors spectacular chandeliers and beautiful pendant lights make a striking focal point for interior design while stretching rooms visually.

Entryway design, mirrored tiles, wood ceiling


However, safety can be a concern. Sizable mirror panels are heavy. Hiring an experienced contractor for large ceiling designs or designing beautiful ceilings with small mirrored panels are the best way to create the safe environment. Using contemporary, lighter-weight materials and mounting systems makes your room design safe, professionally looking, and attractive.

Contemporary living room with mirrored ceiling and glass wall


Ceiling mirrors are fabulous modern trends in decorating kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Living room designs with mirrored ceilings look amazing also. Mirrors are universally appealing elements of modern interior design. Mirrored designs offer versatile and timelessly elegant ideas for home decorating. Framed mirrors and no-frame designs with mirrored tiles complement spacious living spaces and amazingly transform small rooms giving them a unique touch of style and elegance.

Upholstered furniture, mirrored ceiling, glass, metal accents
Spectacular black and white kitchen design, complex decoration patterns, contemporary stainless steel appliances, geometric tiles
Original bedroom design

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