Recycling Elephant Poop for Organic Paper Products at Haathi Chaap in India

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photo albums made of organic paper


Yes, recycling elephant poop into paper is a real business in India. Haathi Chaap is a company in India that actually make paper of elephant poop. Paper bags and frames, photo albums and notebooks, cards and tags, funky stuff and knick knacks are just few products created of this unique organic material.

Recycling elephant poop for organic paper bags is a way to add a whacky feel to the gifts for your friends. Small and large paper bags from Haathi Chaap are unique eco friendly products that make any gifts, from a blanket to a perfume bottle, feel very special for people with eco friendly mind set.

The method used at Haathi Chaap, for making elephant dung paper is more or less the same as making other varieties of handmade paper. There are minor changes are made because of the fibrous nature of the organic raw material. Making sure that the paper is not harmful for users was a biggest challenge. Disinfectants are used to make the paper as bacteria free as possible.

Dog poop recycling and green design

Elephant poop recycling for organic paper products

Elephant poop used for making organic paper

The approximately 250 kg (about 550 lbs) food eaten daily can produce up to 100 kg (about 220 lbs) of dung. Imagine how much paper can be made in a day.There are three shops in New Delhi where you can buy all these great eco friendly products to surprise your friends. You can also order your favorite products by phone.

Souvenirs, bookmarks, wall clocks or a set of coaster, picture frames in bright colors and handy pocket photo albums, produced of elephant poop paper, are fun eco friendly products that make unique gifts that are unusual and extravagant.

Wall clocks and organic paper souvenirs
Organic paper frames made by recycling elephant poop, eco friendly products

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