5 People Coffee and Tea Set, Playful White Dinnareware Set from Rockett St George

modern tableware design

Modern tableware design ideas, white dinnerware set with little people


Unique White People Coffee and Tea Set from a British company look playful and humorous. Three White People on the Coffee and Tea Set make the white ceramic dinnerware items perfect gifts for all who appreciate unique design ideas and creative interpretations of ordinary things.

Little peopleĀ  are having fun on the Coffee and Tea Set items. One is climbing on a dish, encouraging you to put some sweet treats and enjoy a hot drink with them. The second is trying to open the sugar bowl. And the third is reaching to you, willing to make your coffee or tea sweet and tasty.

Humorous and creative dinnerware set from Rockett St George will lift the spirit and make you smile every time you decide to have a cup of coffee or tea.

Contemporary white dinnerware set

Little People on Coffee and Tea Set will make your experience pleasant and memorable. Energetic and unusual three White People Coffee and Tea Set make an excellent gift and great for party table decoration, creating bright and beautiful centerpiece that will delight your guests and family members.

Modern dinnerware is an important part of creating festive table decor for a special party. Cheerful white dinnerware set will add light ad a spice to birthday or holiday table decoration, bringing more joy and smiles.

Modern dinnerware trends for contemporary table decoration

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  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 27.10.2012


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