Original Modern House Design Turning Complex Terrain into Dynamic Form

modern interior design, house on slope

Modern interior design blending with complex terrain


This original house design transforms the large slope into a very attractive, dynamic and interesting place. the unusual topography forced architects to developed this unique and spectacular multilevel house design featuring creative color accents and architectural elements. Lushome presents the amazing, surprising and modern house design by Mobius Architects.

This modern house is a private residence called Edge House. It is located in the vicinity of the Polish city of Krakow and demonstrate the unusual shape and forms. The architectural project is based on the optimal integration of residential spaces of this 3 level house into the complex terrain.

The modern house hides its true size. Only a small part of the house in the form of a cube is seen from the street. The house exterior and interior design maximize the large slope of the terrain as the house goes down the hill, emphasizes the unusual curvy frame and creative yard landscaping.

Wooden outdoor stairs and landscaping steps on slopes, natural yard landscaping ideas

Modern house design on the large slope

Modern house design on slope

Modern interior design ideas include a hanging from the ceiling round fireplace with glass screens, large windows and open plan layout with living and dining areas. Contemporary furniture and simple straight lines are combined with curvy elements and warm wood, bringing style and comfort into modern home interiors.

Skylights and white decorating add fresh feel and contemporary vibe to spacious home interiors. Amazing outdoor living spaces give character to this modern house design and provide great opportunities to connect to the nature and enjoy the beautiful yard landscaping.

Modern interior design

Modern interior design blending with complex terrain

Soft curvy lines and simple geometric forms mix into this amazing, original and modern house design with beautiful rooms and outdoor living spaces, creating harmony with the surroundings and beautifying the complex terrain.

Modern house design with glass enclosure integrated into landscape

Modern house design with open ceiling design and large terrace on slope

Modern interior design with hanging from the ceiling round fireplace
Modern interior design merging with the slope

Modern house exterior design

  by Ena Russ   

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