Original Book Shelves Making Captivating Centerpieces for Creative Room Decorating

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Contemporary bookcase with round shelves


Book shelves adorn many rooms, beautifully presenting home libraries, unique collections, and decorative accessories. Functionally designed bookcases and shelves of the last century turn into outstanding and original furniture nowadays. Contemporary shelving units work as fabulous room dividers and wall decorations. They separate functional zones and demonstrate unique displays. Filled with books original shelves add the classy feel to modern interiors and bring the vibrancy of contemporary design into rooms.

Unique book shelves are excellent furniture pieces for decorating any space in a house. They look attractive in living rooms, hallways, dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, decorating the spaces and stimulating kids to read. Playful and unusual designs of modern bookcases and shelves just increase the effect.

Italian furniture, round book shelves

Books can mix with house plants and many different decorative items to create less formal, inviting, and stylish look. Unique book shelves are an incredible trend in decorating modern homes today. Modern modular furniture and wall shelving units provide plenty of space to accommodate books and decorative accents while creating fascinating centerpieces in the rooms.

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Modern ideas for kids room design and storage organization

Round book shelving, curved shelves, built-in walls or furniture bookcases are functional elements which improve an appeal of the living spaces. Book shelves complete modern interior design, stimulate readers, and provide fabulous opportunities for frequent changes and redecorating.

Contemporary shelving unit in white

Original bookcases and shelves in children bedrooms are a stylish element of modern home organization and room decorating. Kids libraries can be small, but the uniqueness of the designs and novelty in shelves decoration create spectacular displays that add bright accents to kids rooms and other home interiors. Book storage spaces enrich any interior design, but unusual shapes and contrasting colors brighten up rooms like nothing else.

Built-in wall shelves

DIY bookcase and shelves are an excellent choice for home library accommodation. Innovative designer furniture, original shelves, and surprising bookcases are superb for all who appreciate innovative design. If space permits, place large shelving unit with round or diagonal shelves and a comfortable chair in an empty corner. You will see a fantastic change in your room design.

Unique staircase design, book shelves stair risers

Unique bookcases and shelves are a refreshing element for interior decorating. Playful and original design are perfect choices for modern homes. Beautiful book storage provides appropriate spaces for books and gives any room personality.

Creative wall shelves in mocha and white
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Modern modular shelving units by Pietro Russo
Contemporary bookcase with round shelves

  by Ena Russ   

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