Octopus Inspirations in Modern Interior Design and Home Decor

octopus lanterns

Octopus sculpture with lanterns


This original glass top table is made of bronze and features an octopus-shaped basis. The coffee table, inspired by mysterious, powerful and gracious marine creatures attracts the attention and create a fantastic centerpiece for unique interior design.

The glass top allows to see all details of its realistic basis that look like an octopus in full size. The glass top table creates an amazing optical illusion, – it seems that a huge octopus emerges from the water stretching the tentacles to grab you and disappear.

Marine themes and nautical decor ideas are strong interior design trends that surprise and delight. The octopus shaped items come in all styles, sizes and colors, from fabric prints and wall stickers to octopus chairs and tables, bringing fantasy world into modern interior design and creating one-of-a-kind-room decor.

Glass top coffee table Octopus

Octopus Table by Isaac Krauss

The Octopus Table is made of bronze. It looks like a sculptural artwork, slightly tilting its head. Sculptor Isaac Krauss created very realistic, beautiful and original sculpture which serves as the coffee table base.

The artist spent 2 1/2 years, about 1,500 hours of work and 225 pounds of bronze. The complex, but spectacular sculpture features the eight tentacles of an octopus, which do not repeat each other.

Octopus eye, glass coffee table design detail

Stunning details created the impressive, glass coffee table, decorated with the octopus eyes. They are made of blown glass and crafted accurately to reflect the look of the sea animal. The expression of the eyes varies depending on the lighting source and angle from which you look at the octopus-like coffee table.

Glass top coffee table with octopus-shaped base

Octopus inspirations in modern interior design and home decor

Many designers get inspired by these fantastic marine animals and include octopus-shaped items in their furniture and decor collections. The unique shape, enhance by textures of various materials and colors, create impressive furniture pieces and decor accessories.

Tentacle Octopus chandeliers, unique lighting fixtures

Wall mural painting ideas for creative interior decorating

A young designer Isaac Krauss, determined to create an original decorative piece of furniture in a nautical theme, went beyond the existing framework and presented to the public an amazing glass top coffee table.

Octopus, marine animal, design inspiration

Octopus inspired items impress and amaze with details. Suckers, tentacles and eyes add personality to furniture and decor accessories and allow to create very unique home decorating.

Octopus sculpture with lanterns
Octopus USB stick in bright green color
Orange pillow with octopus print in turquoise blue color
Black Octopus Chairs
Octopus chandelier, unique lighting fixture in blue color

Tables and chairs, coat hooks and bathroom curtains, tableware and lighting fixtures, paintings and vinyl wall stickers, hot pot pads and wallpaper designs, large pillows and small USB hubs in octopus shapes add interest and extravagant flavor to modern interior design and decor.

  by Ena Russ   


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