Noise Blocking and Sound Filtering Device Making Modern Interiors Quiet and Peaceful

noise blocking and sound filtering device for modern interiors


Noises come from your windows and prevent you from enjoying quiet and pleasant environment. Highway noises, loud conversations, dogs barking and alarm sirens fill your rooms with disturbing noises. Sono is an upcoming sound-neutralizing device for you windows, which helps create quiet and calming working and living spaces.

Noise pollution is everywhere, but if you live in an urban area, the street noise and loud sounds of busy city life leak through your windows and create disturbance to the peace and tranquility of your home. The new device works like the active noise cancellation module, similar to those in high quality headphones.

The Sono uses a microphone to pick up incoming sounds, and then sends out sounds of the exact same frequency and wavelength, but 180 degrees out of phase, neutralizing them and creating a quiet atmosphere in your rooms. These outgoing sound waves collide with the incoming waves, cancelling each other.

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Window mounted noise filter adding tranquility to modern interiors

Noise blocking and sound filtering device for windows

With this unique device no noise actually reaches your windows. The Sono is a very sophisticated and innovative design idea, allowing to cancel or filter specific sounds that people found unpleasant.

This amazing device allows users to isolate sounds that they want to hear while simultaneously filtering out the noises that disturb them.

Living room with Sono on windows

The device is great for blocking out the noises of heavy traffic and loud voices, while allowing to hear and enjoy the sound of rain or birds chirping. Thanks to this fantastic device it is possible to add tranquility to any office or home interiors anywhere in a busy city.

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Its ability to discern between a wide range of frequencies and selectively neutralize them will allow people to enjoy serenity and beautiful natural sounds, bringing countryside into urban areas.

Adding tranquility and natural feel to modern interiors

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