New Feminine Style, Both Pretty and Edgy Interior Design Ideas

pink color florals modern interiors

Green chair, contemporary fireplace, pink wall art

The latest trends bring new-feminine ideas that create a classic esthetic with a soft feel and an eclectic spin. Beautiful floral designs, modern pink hues, and a mix of contemporary and shabby chic accents are modern interior design ideas worth trying. Even pink color enjoyed a makeover, offering beautiful pastels and fresh, vibrant shades. Lushome shows how to blend traditional, romantic, and new-feminine designs into modern interiors.

Masculine style is another popular trend in decorating interiors. Sharply tailored draperies alongside room furniture covered in pinstripes, sophisticated gray color tones, and deep blue colors start to mix with feminine floral designs and romantic pink hues. The pendulum swings, and we see fresh new-feminine interior design styles regardless of who lives in modern dwellings.

Feminine interior design, pink bedroom colors

Romantic home decorating ideas, vintage decor

Pink color schemes, romantic room decorating ideas

New feminine style

Floral designs in contemporary interiors, oriental floor rug

The new-feminine trends in decorating are a creative reflection of the classic romantic style with floral designs, shabby-chic lace, and excess details.  New-feminine interior design ideas evolved into the romantic, soft style with an eclectic vibe. Pretty is back and uses traditional floral designs on the walls, furniture, decor accessories, and edgy, sleek, contemporary lines to create modern interiors.

Modern bedroom design ideas, soothing room colors

Modern wallpaper with floral designs, beautiful wall decorating ideas

Vintage bathroom design with a romantic vibe

Classic feminine rooms

Pretty, feminine trends create fabulous mashups with ideas in the masculine style. Light-weigh, with a touch of humor decorating, looks gorgeous with masculine and strict interior design and neutral colors. The new-feminine style is a return to appreciating traditional florals, romantic details, pink hues, and pretty rooms. Discovering chintz and floral wallpaper and prints creates a beautiful way to soften modern interior design ideas.

Pink colors, florals, traditional living room design

How to create new-feminine interior design

Designers suggest layering a feminine room with an eclectic mix of contemporary furniture, various decoration patterns, and pink accents. Modern design and classic furniture upholstery fabrics turn gathered skirted chairs into stylish home furnishings, perfect for new-feminine interiors. Traditional home furnishings, paired with vintage or contemporary wood furniture, are ideal for creating lovely rooms.

Floral wall art, contemporary fireplace


Contrasts are the key to the new feminine decorating style. Traditional floral designs, curvilinear shapes of the Louis VI pieces, florals, nature-inspired decoration patterns, natural textiles, floral wallpapers, trims, and pretty window curtains contrast with clean lines and contemporary interior design ideas. Contrasts are a fantastic technique for creating fresh and modern interiors.

Floral wallpaper and modern dining furniture, beautiful kitchen nook design

Modern shelves and bookcases, simple molding, contemporary lighting fixtures, and unique architectural features make the feminine embellishments look new and fresh.

White walls and pink floor rug
Modern furniture and pink accents
Reading nook with a rocking chair and a floor lamp
Green chair, contemporary fireplace, pink wall art
Small bedroom with floral wallpaper, attic bedroom design

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