Mudroom Designs with Dog Showers, Modern Ideas, DIY Inspirations

wall tiles for shower
Pet shower design by Witt Construction



A dog shower is a fabulous idea to improve your mudroom design and keep your home clean. Here are functional room designs offering inspirations for adding the modern feature to your house and organizing your mudroom. As a dog owner, you are aware of the expenses associated with dirty carpets and furniture. Small shower designs help home interiors stay fresh and clean.

A functional room design with a dogs shower makes life easy and add fun to enjoying walks with your four-leg friend. Having a dog shower in your mudroom can be a result of a DIY project improving the functionality of your room design without changing your walking and cleaning routine. The daily task of cleaning paws is easy and quick. Check out the shower design ideas, select the best for your home. Keeping your home fresh with a dog shower will make you and your companion happy and healthy.

Pet grooming station by Designs Dell’Ario Interiors

Dog showers and mudroom design ideas

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Modern trends, stylish pet grooming

Space-saving ideas, dogs beds, DIY projects

Recycling for pet beds

Modern entryway ideas for organizing small spaces

Dogs and their owners feel relaxed when they know their routine. Cleaning paws and showering can be a part of your routine after you walk your pets and play outdoor. Functional dogs shower design, good organization, and clutter free mudroom decorating style create a beautiful space which reduces stress and makes grooming fun.

Mudroom design ideas, dogs beds, shower tub, wooden step

Teaching your dogs that it is time to stop running around and wash paws helps pets to calm down and enjoy the process. Washing dogs can become a part of your day when you share peaceful moments with your pet.

Modern bathtub for pets
White tub for dog grooming
Outdoor shower design

Functional dog showers

Mudrooms with dogs showers are ideal places for cleaning gold shoes, kids boots, sports gears, and cleaning tools. The cleaning stations for pets offer the multifunctional features. A hand shower, a large diameter drain pipe with a filter, and a shallow tub are all you need to improve your mudroom design.

Pet shower design by Witt Construction

Raised shower tubs are ideal for your knees. Steps for your dogs are a helpful item that makes it is easy for your dog to get to a basin. A sink works well as shower tubs for small pets. Also, you need to add towel racks, hooks and a wall shelf or baskets for organizing pet shampoo and dry towels.

Small shower design by Angelini & Associates Architects

Decorating can be simple and basic or original and expensive. It depends on your budget and imagination. Ceramic tiles are practical and beautiful materials for dog shower designs and room decorating.

Laundry room ideas, mudroom shower for grooming pets, design by Smith Cansant Architects PC
Mudroom design, white cabinets, pet grooming station, room design by BACK Construction
Laundry room ideas
Garage pet grooming station by Direct Home Design
Mudroom design by Josh Wynne Construction
Black furniture, white tiles, grooming station by Lennard Construction & Remodeling
Small shower design by Lennard Construction & Remodeling
Grooming station, hand shower, white cabinet, design by S.J. Janis Company Inc
Laundry room ideas, small shower by Designwork Development
Small shower idea by Orren Pickell Building Group
White cabinets, wooden towel racks, shower design by Morning Star Builders
Pet grooming station, laundry room ideas
WHite bathtub, wall shower, design by Schchne Architects & Builders

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