Modern Tile Designs Enhance Home Interiors with Natural Stone Beauty and Color

stone tiles for floor and wall decoration, modern interior design ideas


Modern tile designs are beautiful and versatile, suitable for decorating all living spaces and any decor style. Lushome introduces modern tiled designs from Italian company Mirage that presents a gorgeous collection of stone floor and wall tiles, perfect for unique and luxurious, practical and modern interior design.

The Privilege tile designs are elegant and unique. These stone tiles can be used for walls in hallways, bathrooms and kitchens. The stone tiles can decorate table tops, wall partitions, decorative panels and wall niches, creating stunning accents for modern interior design.

Wall tiles are offered in numerous colors. These tile designs mimic precious stones, crystals and minerals, bringing the natural beauty into interior design and adding organic feel to exclusive home decorating.

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Modern interior design with stone tiles

Modern interior design with stone tiles, ceramic granite tile designs

Marble tile designs

The Jewels collection presents elegant marble tile designs. Large size floor and wall tiles require special attention and care throughout the manufacturing process. The collection reflects the beauty of six unique marble rocks.

Modern wall and floor tiles are designed for spaces with an average intensity of traffic. Gloss surface adds chic to stone tile designs.

Modern interior design with marble floor tiles

Modern tile designs in Scandinavian style

The Norr collection of floor and wall tile designs is made ​​in Scandinavian style. The material includes colorful pebbles and mixed shades of colors, creating the depth and increasing the natural effect of 3d surfaces which harmonize modern interior design.

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Luxurious ceramic tile designs from Italy

These modern tile designs emphasize natural elements creatively integrating simple and elegant materials into modern interior design. Designed for indoor and outdoor installation, the stone tiles create a fabulous antique look. Available in various sizes, the stone tiles make possible to design complex architectural elements and interesting surfaces. They are ideal for stylish, comfortable and contemporary interior design.

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Granite tile designs

The Triboo collection of natural stone tiles presents high quality granite tile designs. The floor and wall tiles combine unique aesthetic solutions with beautiful non-repeating patterns, enhancing modern interior design with texture.

Modern bathroom design with granite floor and wall tiles

The elegant vein patterns mimic various natural stones collected into a single, original and harmonious set of floor and wall tiles. Floor and wall tiles from the Triboo collection will be in perfect harmony with any interior design ideas and decor style.

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