Modern Loft Design in Scandinavian Style with Exposed Beams and Furniture in Vintage Style

dining furniture in vintage style and patio

Dining furniture in vintage style and patio overlooking the city, beautiful loft living Scandinavian style

Modern loft living in Scandinavian style is about spacious, comfortable and functional layout, light home interiors and attractive blend of contemporary decor with antiques and furniture in vintage style. A remodeled loft is furnished with mid-century retro furniture and decor accessories in vintage style.

This modern home decor includes vintage rugs from Turkey and Morocco and unique artworks, light neutral color scheme and fabulous exposed beams that add character to this gorgeous loft design.

Scandinavian furniture in vintage style looks great with ethnic interior decorating accessories and impressive artworks, creating interesting and stylish home interiors with large inclined windows.

Modern loft living Scandinavian style

Living room design with exposed beams and large inclined windows, loft living Scandinavian style

The oak kitchen design with black granite countertops, black stained floor, contemporary kitchen appliances and hood create open and functional space. The simplicity and warmth of natural wood make the kitchen design feel inviting and attractive.

A round dining table in vintage style with four black chairs and a small patio create a wonderful eating area that overlooks the city’s rooftops.

Modern bedroom design with exposed beams, furniture in vintage style and large inclined windows, unique Scandinavian homes

One of the most gorgeous elements of this loft interior design are exposed beams that add vintage feel to modern loft living and harmonize these modern home interiors with furniture and decor accessories in vintage style.

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Dining furniture in vintage style and patio overlooking the city, beautiful loft living Scandinavian style

  by Ena Russ   

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