Modern Living Room Designs in Rich and Energetic Red Colors

living rooms designed and decorated with paint and home furnishings in red colors

Modern living room furniture in neutral colors, accents in red colors


Modern living room designs in red colors look striking, energetic and bold. Red colors activate romance and fill living rooms with powerful energy. Lushome collection of modern living room designs in red colors demonstrate how to use red paint, wallpapers and home furnishings in these bright shades to create beautiful living spaces.

Living room designs can look very festive and exciting when neutral colors are blended with home furnishings, wall paint and wallpapers in red colors. Some people are tempted to use these dramatic colors, because the red colors are associated with excitement, passion and romance.

Adding a lot of red colors to living rooms bring the fire element into interior design and can help activate energy in the house and reveal the hidden beauty of living spaces. Red colors are fantastic, but need to be used carefully, skillfully and in moderation.

Modern room colors, interior design and decor in red colors

Purple, red and light green colors that differentiate modern living room designs

Modern living room designs in red colors

Modern living room furniture in neutral colors, accents in red colors

Adding the fire element may help Feng Shui a home and evoke love, passion and romance. Red colors create great accents that are bright, unique and stylish. Red colors bring energy into interior design and allow to personalize modern living room designs with stunning details.

Red colors can stir passion and love, some people love red colors, but some people dislike these interior design color shades. TheseĀ  subjective reactions define how much red colors can be used for their living rooms decorating.

Red wall paint, lamp shades, window curtains and living room furniture in ted colors, modern living room design by Dillard Pierce Design Associates

A large display of red colors in home fabrics, window curtains, living room furniture upholstery fabrics, decorative pillows and floor carpets, wall color or art works resonates with warmth of textures and make modern living room designs in red colors feel cozy and welcoming, or unattractive and overwhelming.

Beautiful Christmas decor in charming and festive red colors

Small house design with modern home interiors accentuated with red colors

Red colors symbolize the fire element in the direction of west and may help Feng Shui modern living room designs, attracting wealth. Red colors can create a conflict with the metal or wood elements and create unpleasant atmosphere in living rooms, bringing loneliness and sickness into homes. Using red colors in moderation is a way to brighten up and beautify living room designs and create modern home interiors that are interesting and comfortable.

Red accent wall, decorative pillows and pouf in red colors
Modern living room with red accent wall and fireplace
Living room furniture and decorative pillows in red colors
White living room furniture and red wall paint, modern living room design by Clean Design
Modern living room design with red color accents by Borden Interiors & Associates
Modern living room design in red colors by Dona Rosene Interiors
Modern living room with red color accents, design by Thom Filicia
Red accent wall, modern living room design by Brian Patterson Designs
Red color accents for modern living room design by Nicole Lanteri
Modern living room design and decor by Tracy Murdock Allied
Contemporary living room design with red accent wall by FORMA Design

  by Ena Russ   

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