Modern Ideas Doing the Trick of Adding Spacious Look to Small Rooms

living room with room dividers and uellow chair


There are many beautiful ways to add spaciousness to small apartment ideas and create appealing and comfortable homes. Do you like to make your small rooms look large and breezy? Check out home staging tips and smart interior design ideas below. White decorating, spiced up by colorful accents, weightless, transparent or semi-transparent room dividers, storage shelves and cabinets built under the ceiling, huge mirrors, and soft contrasts are modern ideas that turn small rooms into bright and stylish interiors.

Look at black and white decorating as a fabulous tool for stretching small rooms visually. White paint colors, home furnishings and details look gorgeous with colorful accents in modern hues. Even brown colors of natural wood and gray color tones can be used to increase the contrasts, but blue, green, golden yellow, pink and purple are ideal for bringing life into the white decor.

Small bathroom in white with purple accents and large wall mirror

Room dividers are another beautiful and modern ideas for improving the functionality of interior design and stretching small spaces visually. Glass walls are excellent for small interiors, but contemporary and classic wooden, metal and plastic space dividers are handy when you want to add color to decoration. Patterns that room dividers, including perforated decorative panels, bring into rooms make interiors look attractive, light, and functional.

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Small entryway, bathroom, and kitchen designs call for plenty of practical storage, like shelves and cabinets under the ceilings. Light paint colors and large mirrors increase small spaces also while turning interiors into bright and neat rooms. Multi-functional furniture, room dividers with shelves, transformer pieces, poufs and coffee tables with storage help organize and design beautiful small spaces.

Glass, lighting, and mirrors for small bathroom design

Digital photo prints and beautiful wallpapers are a stylish way to create optical illusions of bigger spaces. Large mirrors, efficient lighting, transformer furniture, smart storage ideas and light paint colors are an ideal combination for creating spaciousness in small rooms.

Optical illusions of bigger spaces, digital wall print Eiffel Tower
Room dividers with storage shelves, smart apartment ideas
Red accents, black and white furnishings

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